It is with great pleasure and with joy that knows no bound that I welcome you all to the 2008 Nigeria International Model United Nation’s Conference.
We in the secretariat duly acknowledge that this endeavour has continued with the great support received from all ambassadors here present and those who have attended the past editions. Thank for your support and I want to implore you to continually give this support because we will call for it from time to time.
As against our last deliberation which centered on INJURY PREVENTION AND SAFETY PROMOTION: OUR COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY, we are taking a giant step further in the same line by critically examining CLIMATE CHANGE, OUR GLOBAL CONCERN.
I have no doubt that the ambassadors here have done a great research regarding the theme for this year so I will not want to take too much of our time by breaking down the theme.
I think all the issue of climate change points to the fact that we as individuals have series of activities going – from using automobiles for survival to burning for consumption – everyday but the danger is that we have not taken time to consider the adverse effects of those activities on our environment. The bottom line is that our ignorance is beginning to beckon. As much as it is important to use automobiles that produce carbon-monoxide and to sometimes burn some of our wastes, I challenge everyone here to think about ways with minimal or no adverse effects to carry out all our compulsory daily activities.
Just as the global climate is changing and we are here to discuss some solutions to be put to use, please set in motion a change for the climate of your future by breaking out of your shell to meet other ambassadors. Do not forget that one of the purposes of this forum is to promote peace among nations and races.
If I were you, I would spend this week as if it is my last week on earth. I would look for every opportunity to add value to a fellow ambassador. I wish you all fruitful deliberations and please make sure your points of orders are in order.
Fola Daniel Adelesi
2008 Secretary General,
Nigeria International Model United Nation’s Conference.

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