Come back stronger, it’s your second half! │© Fola Daniel Adelesi

The end of a thing brings relief for a lot of people especially when it has to do with time. For some others, it brings sorrow. For those who experience relief, it could be that they have come to the long awaited end and for those who experience sorrow, it could be that they seem to be losing more time and they have not achieved anything.
As much as I understand why people will not be happy to note that time is going, especially when they have not done much, I think you will be wasting the time that is not enough to dwell so much on what you don’t have. Your yesterday is gone and you cannot get it back but you have your tomorrow and you can make a whole lot out of that tomorrow! It’s the second half of the year that has just started. Some have had a great first half of the year and others have not. Guess what? It is no longer about if you had a great first half or not! It is about what you can do with the rest of the second half.
When you take a look at the game of football, it may look like a team is losing in the first half. They may not have any result to show. They may be under pressure and may not in any way be able to achieve some team coordination that will get them good goals. All hope may appear to have been lost but then they take a short break. During the break, they have access to their coach again. The coach may tell them on or two things they are doing wrong and a few other things to add. If the coach needs to make some substitution, he does that and the team comes back better!
You can also come back better! You may need to change a few things like a coach changing some players. You may need to do some things differently and probably stop doing some things. It does not matter what your results are right now. You can still change the game because the game is not over. You can only lose a game before it is over if you have given up on the game. Don’t ever give up on your own game. It is not over!
I believe that with anything you are doing, even if you seem to be lagging behind at the moment, you can come back strong, you can come back better and you can come back for victory. Don’t predetermine the results of your second half or second chances by the bad results of the first half or first chances! Act like it is your first opportunity. Fight like you will never get another chance to fight. Think very deeply about all you need to do. Consult people if you have to do. Read that book that can help you. Make that phone call or send that email. Stop waiting for the perfect time because there is no such thing as the perfect time.
Again I need you to remember that you can come back strong, you can come back better and you can come back for victory! Go and make the most of this second half! It’s yours! Take it!
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