Commitment to change | Fola Daniel Adelesi, ASM, ACL, Wcc

In every society where there has been a strong commitment to change, the only result we have seen so far is a quick transitioning from a third world nation to a first world or a developed nation. We need to see and understand the fact that what changes a nation is not the mineral resources or the products that it has in exchange for foreign currencies but the strength that emanates from the mind of the people as a result of a vision.
A nation like Singapore under the visionary leadership of Sir Lee Kuan Yew was committed to change and today it stands tall among the nations of the world and can be regarded as a developed nation. It is important for you to note that before the change, Singapore had nothing including clean water. It was a time when it had to break away from a confederation with severe threats of survival. It was only vision and commitment to change that kept that nation going and it kept progressing under visionary leadership.
If we are ever going to have any difference in our nation then we must be committed change. The kind of commitment that will make us stand until we see changes and these changes must occur in the areas where we are not satisfied with the way things are run. A few hours ago my pastor was narrating an experience about the time when he bought a car for N125,000. My dad once told me about buying his car for N3,000. There are several examples of how life was so good for the people living in this country. That life has not disappeared! It has only been restricted to a few selfish individuals! It may not be easy to effect a change because there will always be who will resist change but we must be prepared for such people.
We must resolve in our hearts that this nation will not continue to be like this in our time. When I start having children I don’t want to tell them stories of regrets about how good things were in my time. I want them to have the experience of a great and colourful life but my commitment to change now is what will make that possible. Some people may decided to carry on with the mess, corruption, oppression of the poor, intimidation of the defenceless and denial of those who are qualified. I am stand a stand against all these today and I can you all to join me in taking a stand against all these injustice and be committed to change!
Why should people work and be denied their entitlements? Why are qualified personnels not being employed? When will a worker with long service award look forward to a promising retirement without unjust withholding of benefits? When will school age children be able to go to school for free like some of our fathers did in their time? When will there be food for every living man in this country? When are we going to stop killing people because they want the same position that we want and they seem to have the edge in the contest? When will pastors not be afraid to tell the truth to anybody regardless of their ‘donor status’ in church? When will the Imam stop being an accomplice with those looting our treasuries and offering peanuts to cover up?
This is not where we were 50 years ago! We had a bright and promising future and that future is not really farfetched! If you choose not to make a commitment to change today, then you are already taking a terrible decision and jeopardizing the future of your children but for those of us who will take a stand and make a commitment to change, the Nigeria of our dreams, in no distant time will become our reality!

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