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We all claim to love God but the word of the God that we claim to love says we cant possibly love the one we don’t see when we cant even express sincere love to the ones that we can see! Its amazing how you see someone today and all your body chemistry is totally upset but 3 months down the line you never want to see the same person again!
In some relationships, the slightest provocations are good enough reasons to want to call it quits and just go in different directions but we need to know that if we truly mean the love we have been professing then that love can withstand situations! In my relationship, a few things happen and I do not feel happy with my spouse at that moment but one of the things I have come to work with is a policy that helps me make sure no issue extends beyond 24 hours. Sometimes that can be tough for me because it may mean I have to make moves for reconciliation when I am not even wrong or when I think I am not wrong but the bigger picture is about sustaining the relationship!
We need to go past being in a relationship when everything goes well and we have enough to drink, eat and as well laugh about! What about the times when there will be nothing to eat or drink! What about the time when there will be nothing to laugh about but series of issues to resolve! I have heard over and over again that there are no good sailors who have not had a taste of storms! Your relationship can only be said to be a good one when it has gone through tests and you have both looked past your differences.
One of the reasons we cannot get great commitments to relationships today, especially marriage, is because we never dealt with many of the issues we were supposed to have dealt with before marriage! If you keep breaking your relationships then you need to prepare yourself for ruin because you will also keep breaking your marriage! Ive been in some situations where I want to call off a relationship but I began to think and did ask, If I break this relationship now because of this issue, will I also break a marriage just like that when the same issue comes up.
Many of us keep saying its the other person in the relationship when we actually have a lot of work to do on ourselves. The other person may have been wrong going by what happened but if we are saying its over then we have not built our tolerance level!
A man who has been in 8 marriages was asked what he now thinks of all the marriages and his response was fantastic! He said, I should have made the first one work! Wow! We should not just keep calling off every relationship and jumping into another one! Except for abusive and violent relationships which to me are very ridiculous, the beauty of any love affair is the commitment to make it work and thats really a duty which should take a higher priority compared to just having fun in the relationship!
Love is not love only when it is sweet and the going is good. I think love is really love when the situation can tear you apart but you guys arent going anywhere! From now on, dont talk about how it cant work anymore! Be humble enough to make it work through commitment in the good and bad times!
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  1. I find this Very inspiring. Even though i’ve been single for a while just 4 D hatred of that break and make situation

  2. Nice one there, bro. I wish everyone could really have this kind of mentality about relationships. Thanks for this great piece and more grease 2 ur elbow!

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