Common sense prediction: How Nigerians can make money in 2014 | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

Going by the kind of country that we live in and knowing the nature of our leaders, I can easily call this common sense because it is indeed common sense for those who are also watching what is happening in the country.
The year 2015 is a year of general elections in our dear country and most of the preparations will be done in 2014. Towards the end of 2013, we have begun to witness some mild drama and more of such will unfold in 2014. We have seen party members from the People’s Democratic Part (PDP) crossing massively to All Progressive Congress (APC). If you are not a politician and have no political interests then I suggest you do not bother yourself with all those tactics.
For you as a business person, there are a few concerns that I really think you should have and also work on. Some of them are:
1. More money will flow in 2014 inside Nigeria because it is an election preceeding year and only those who can network will get it.
2. Politicians will approve more projects or contracts to launder their images at their respective levels. They simply need something to hold unto for campaigns.
3. It will be a time for printers to make a lot of money. Contestants will need to print millions of posters all over the country.
4. Smart advertisers can make money writing copy and preparing good radio and TV commercials for the contestants or political party.
5. These contestants will need websites for details of their campaigns.
6. In these days of social media, strategists on social media can rake a lot of money in helping them to campaign online.
7. These politicians are either too busy to write their own speeches or simply cannot write so they will need speech writers and writers can make money from that.
8. Some event managers might take advantage of the rallies the parties or politicians will do to make money.
9. Now is the time for PR practitioners or spokes persons to be strategic and network while making cool cash.
10. Those who can create souvenirs should also get ready to make millions of that.
11. Road contractors are expected to get unusual road contracts in this year.
12. Well, some of them have religions so they will contract some religious leaders to pray (and be paid) for them.
13. Even a road side hawker selling the right thing can make money this year. Just get information about where rallies will be held and take your goods there – especially water, snacks and handkerchiefs.
14. It’s a good year to sell umbrellas because that is the logo of one of the major parties and also a good year to sell brooms at the rally grounds because the major opposition party uses broom as a logo.
Having said that much, I may not have covered all possible avenues but the intent of this piece is to instigate you and get you thinking.
If in 2014 you are going to do any business that is related to politics or promotes what politicians will want and use then you will probably need extra bank accounts till early 2015.
A word, although I have said much more, as they say is enough for the wise. That is my common sense prediction for 2014 which actually will work till early 2015. Wake up, and as we say in Nigeria, shine your eyes – which means to be on the look out for opportunities!

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