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There are loads of visions out there that may never see the light of the day and there are so many others that are already dying not because they are not good visions but because the carriers of the vision simply do not understand how to communicate their vision! The death of a vision begins with the inability of the carrier to communicate the visions whether the vision has been born or not! By implication, it is possible for a vision to die even before it is released or given birth to!
The strength or the importance of communication cannot be over emphasized in any sphere of life and that more importantly applies to the visions that we carry. I know about some young people who have business ideas and the only reason they will never get anyone to sponsor them is because their business ideas are too complex to understand and they simply don’t communicate anything! Communication can be very simple and can also be very complex. It can be as simple as asking a primary school pupil to recite the alphabets of the English language and it can also be as complex as asking an American to read a Chinese book written with the Chinese lettering and symbols!
If you truly want to give your vision a life, then you must understand the importance of communicating the vision in the most simple way you can imagine! At the basic levels of communication your vision, you may not need any suspense or any other thing that does not allow your message to come through quickly!
I have a rare privilege of helping people with their business propositions, some I have to review and others I have to develop from A – Z, and one common challenge is usually about presenting the ideas such that the person reading will have very little left to understand! In order to communicate effectively, you have to assume that the other person who is reading what you are writing or who is listening to you has some basic questions on his or her mind and you must prepare your vision in such a way that it answers all the assumed questions on that person’s mind!
Some of the assumed questions include what my Mass Communication lecturers refer to as the 5 questions the lead of your story should answer and my English teachers would simply refer to them as ‘WH’ questions. They are:

  1. What – What are you doing?
  2. Where – Where are you doing it?
  3. When – When will you do it?
  4. How – How do you intend to do it?
  5. Why – Why are you doing it?

When your vision does not answer all these questions then you have not communicated but you must carefully look at each question and make sure you answer all in presenting an idea to people! Some people only answer the first question which is ‘What are you doing?’ and they cannot or have not answered the others! Communication is only complete when no needed information is withheld! Start communicating your vision properly from today!
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