Complain more, obtain less! │© Fola Daniel Adelesi

Grumbling is always and easy thing to do even when you have every reason to be grateful. There are so many people who go about complaining because of the things they do not have and when you look around those people you will realize that they actually have so much to be happy for but they are too blind to see those things. The big deal is not just about complaining. It is about the fact that when you complain too much you will become an irritant to other people around you and before you know it, you also start loosing the things you already have.
Since you really want to complain, life will always give you a very good reason to complain. So when you start complaining, more of the things you already have will find their ways out of your life and go to grateful people. That’s why some people have said that ‘the more you complain the less you obtain.’ Even if you think you do not have anything to be grateful for you need to think about your mouth. If you don’t have a mouth and you do not have the ability to talk you will not be complaining! You have a mouth that can talk and you have to be grateful for that mouth! You are also alive and that’s why you are talking so you need to be grateful for the gift of life.
There are so many things that happen when you complain and some of them include: You start creating a negative atmosphere around you.
Successful, lively and grateful people will not be able to thrive in that atmosphere so they will leave.
When good and grateful people leave, you start losing the help you could have gotten from them.
You will soon realize that you have become stranded and you will have more reasons to complain.
Open your eyes and take a good look at your environment. You are not complaining because things are bad. You are complaining because you are ungrateful. And things will become worse if you keep complaining. Nothing improves when you just go about ranting and complaining. If you want things to improve, stop complaining about everything and just the little thing you have not gotten yet.
You need to remember that you are like a work in progress. You will not get everything at once because you have to go through and also grow through some phases. As you go through and grow through those phases, things will get better for you and more of the resources you want will come your way.
Always remember that complaining takes away from you rather than giving more to you so stop complaining before you lose all that you have. An attitude of gratitude can lead you to your desired altitude in life.
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