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There are too many people who think they should be proving a point with their skills. Often times, they end up proving the wrong point. If you are a skilled person, you need to learn how to work with other people in such a way that your skills compliment the efforts of other people. If your skill is always trying to compete with others, you will often clash with then, the team may end up losing focus and if they want to fix things, they will have to flush you out for trying to always outshine them.
Even when you are not within a team you still have not learn that your skills are not there so you can prove to someone that you are better off. If there are problems to be solved, it’s okay to show that you can solve the problems with your skills.
When you are making efforts to rise in life, it will be important to show people your skills. If they do not know your skills they may not know how you can help them or how they can help you. If you fit into a team you may never get a chance into that team if they do not know your skill. That’s why you need to let people know about your skills.
I should use the case of an interview to let you see the difference between showing what you can do and competing with your skills. When you go for an interview, the interviewers will want to know what you can do. They will most likely ask you what you are bringing to the table. Even though it is a cliché in interviews today to ask what you can bring to the table. They still want to know or hear directly from you what you can bring to the table.
Once you have gotten the job, what they expect from you is now different. They want you to use those skills you have talked about effectively in relating with other people on the team. That’s a time to get the job done and not a time to talk or show off the skills. The organisation wants results and now showmanship. Even when you are getting the needed results for them, a showmanship relating to your skills is still unacceptable as it can be irritating to other people that you need to work with.
Don’t make the mistake of getting into any kind of competition with your skills. You are meant to compliment with those skills. You will last longer in the game if you understand this simple trick of complimenting people with your skills rather than competing with them.
I have come to understand that when others perceive you as someone who complements their skills, they will be more open to you and then give you platforms. They feel free and safe around you. You are not seen as a threat or an enemy who wants to get rid of them or trying really hard to take their spot.
It is very important that you are seen as a compliment and not competition in any field where your skill is going to be relevant. I think I should also add that once this is done, you have less things to worry about. You have less trouble to deal with. There will be less friction to experience from time to time. It does not mean that people will not have stuff against you. It’s just that you can easily come clean with any accusations made.
Check how you have been operating and see if you have been a compliment to anyone or you have been a competition to everyone. If you are not in a real life competition or a reality show, there’s really no need for any competition.
Make the best of your skill by complimenting others.

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