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‘I tell you that he will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?’ Luke 18:8. This is a verse of the Bible that has left me wondering about the things happening right now on earth and especially within the church. Will Jesus meet faith on earth when He returns; considering how many Christians are daily compromising and also leading others to do so?
In our time the church has joined the state in debating the legality of abortion. So many people have presented case scenarios and logically, note that I said logically not biblically, defended the seeming sanity in flushing out unwanted children even after the much desired sex.
Today we hear so often about a pastor having an affair with the members of the church and the same pastor still preaches on the pulpit every Sunday. Some of the church leaders have become lords and are no unquestionable.
Corruption is the political landscape and in corporate organisations is perpetrated by people who say they are children of God. They are boastfully enriching themselves with public funds and claiming to be faithful tithe payers.
These are the times when it is common place to lie. You will hear people lying and you are wondering why they are lying about even the things they need not lie about. When something goes wrong with a government agency, a Christian brother or sister will be the first to suggest that you go and see the government official and tip them so that you can move on.
I hear and see these things going on and I am scared about the things I get to know sometimes. There are so many things the people in the church are doing that they can’t tell their church leaders and there are so many things that the church leaders are also doing that they can’t share with the church members.
There are people inside the church who are stealing funds from the church purse. And there are those who, in the name of God are defrauding others for personal gains. They cajole or compelled people to part with their belongings all in the name of God.
The things going on in the church are sometimes so scary that you wonder if the church is even the right place to be. But in all of these, you should remember that the Bible says, ‘let God be true and all men be liars.’ Don’t also forget that we were told about the mixed multitude. There are so many people coming to the church but not all of them are children of God. Some of them are agents of darkness. Others have just seen the church as a place to pass the time.
Little wonder Jesus said to us that he knows his own people and his people know him. Not everyone in the church knows Jesus. Don’t make that mistake of thinking everyone in the church knows him and follows his diligently.
People are compromising their faith. Scripture is no longer being interpreted the way the Holy Spirit was helping us to interpret it. Having a great understanding of the English language or whatever language the Bible has been translated too is what some people are now working with. You hear people interpret the Bible and you wonder if it is the same Bible we are reading. They know how to twist it to favour themselves or can only teach well those parts that talk about money and prosperity. The living word has departed from many and all they have left is the interpretation of men.
I think you need to know that all of these will go on and you can’t pray them away. There is no prophet that can even prophesy them away because Jesus made us realize these things will happen.
Nevertheless, in all of these things, we have a mandate never to compromise our faith. The Apostle Paul says we should walk worthy of our calling. God has expectations of us so we can say that we will do things the way others are doing them. People in the church, regardless of their titles, are not our examples. God and God alone is the one we need to look up to. We were told to look up to Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. We were not told to look up to men.
If you make men your standard you will soon compromise your faith. You will define righteousness by the standard of men and make it your standard. Before you know it, you will be out of favour with God. Don’t look at other men. Look up to God and never compromise your faith.

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