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There’s another kind of confidence of purpose that you need to know and it will really help you in pursuing all that you are going after in life. When you look at the confidence of a child who has just been asked by the father to get something, you will be impressed. The child talks boldly and is not afraid of anyone. If he is confronted by even the mother, he will confidently say it was my dad who asked me to get something. If the mother can’t stop the child then the brothers or sisters can’t stop him as well.
This is the confidence that helps you press on hard regardless of the obstacles or opposition that you face. There are times some people will challenge you and will wonder what gave you the guts to do what you are doing. When you see such people, you will not be moved. You are confident because you have a backing of a superior.
Can your colleagues in the office challenge you when a superior says you should go after something? No! All they can do is grumble. If your superior delegates authority to you and you have to work with people who are you mates, you will not be afraid of the mates that you have to work with. You will go ahead and bark out instructions as you need to because the superior has given you the needed authority.
In my language, there is a description for God which explains the kind of confidence I am trying to explain to you. We call God ‘O ran mo ni se f’aya ti.’ Meaning God is the kind of person who sends you on a mission and stands by you to defend you. When you have that consciousness that there is a backing from a bigger force, then you will not be worried by the little things that want to challenge.
Once that consciousness is there then you will have what I call the confidence of purpose. So for me, one other reason I am confident is not just because I am in my purpose. I am confident because I have the backing of a superior force. Because the one who says I should go and be inspiring people all over the world is backing me up, I know I will go there safely and come back safely without anyone stopping me.
This confidence of purpose does not let me worry about the many things that other people may worry about. I just get straight to business. I am sure you know how it works in the office. When you are made the boss and someone does not cooperate with you, you call them to order or you report them to the person who made you the boss. You give them queries or warnings as the case may be. If they still would not listen and you are given enough powers you can even fire them for acts of insubordination.
A military group will not embark on a mission without being backed up by the nation. They must have a backing that gives them the assurance they are going to get all the needed support and provisions. Once they have that assurance, they are good to go and are going anywhere you ask them to go.
What that also means is that you may not have the confidence of purpose when you do not know the backing that you have or how far you can go with the support that you have. What backing or support do you have for the things you are embarking on or that you call your purpose? It is always very important to note that a number of times, the success of a mission or purpose in your heart will be determined by the backing it has. 

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