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I recently began to gain insights into why people can be so confident about what they do and how they do the things that they do. I used to think that the confidence was a matter of practice and that anyone can gain it over time. I also used to wonder why those who were not confident did not have the much desired confidence.
From the series already written, I have spoken about confidence of purpose coming from the fact that one knows he is in the right place and using the skills he was wired for. The other confidence comes from know the kind of authority or backing that you have. Today’s kind of confidence might be well known to you and you may have seen it displayed in some successful people. If you have your confidence in the skills you were wired to operate with and you also know the authority you have, you still must balance your confidence from clarity of purpose.
Those who know their life purposes very well have and operate with an unusual confidence. They are so certain about the things they are talking about even when no one has seen such. In history we see the confidence of purpose which takes its root from clarity of purpose in the lives of people like Jesus, Apostle Peter, Apostle Paul, Martin Luther King Jnr, Nelson Mandela, Bishop Benson Idahosa, Bishop David Oyedepo and many others who are now captains of industries.
Their vision is or purpose is so clear to them that when you begin to speak with them, you wonder who gave them the guts to talk the way they do even over the things they seem to have no power over. You cannot be confident when talking about a purpose that is not clear to you. You are not sure about it. You are still trying to get signs and verify if it is what you are supposed to be doing. It does not work that way if you need to work with the confidence of purpose that comes from clarity of purpose.
Have you seen a school kid who knows the answer to the questions that the teachers are asking in class? How do you think the child will behave? He or she will be so confident as to chorus the answer. Even if the teacher says you must signify if you intend to answer the question he or she will be one of the first to raise hands. When such students eventually answer the questions of the teachers, they gain more confidence. They earn the respect of their colleagues, especially the ones that don’t know the answer. Then you begin to see them walking proudly among the other students like a celebrity.
In the times of Martin Luther King Jnr, what do you think gave him the confidence to speak up against racism when people were getting killed for such? It was confidence of purpose. He spoke about having dreams knowing that the dream can kill him. He was eventually killed but his dreams have come to pass. Today we have a black man sitting in the White House as President of the United States.
Nelson Mandela stood against apartheid in South Africa. He was hurt by people. He became President after twenty seven years in prison just to fight for what he believed in. when he became president, he didn’t say it was time to get back at those who hurt him. How did he go through those terrible years and putting his life on the line for others who suffered injustice? It was confidence of purpose that came from clarity of purpose.
When your purpose is clear to you, you can almost become obsessed with it so much so that others around you will be wondering what is happening to you. This confidence keeps you going. You know what to do per time. You are not doubting if this is what you are supposed to be doing or not. You are too sure that is what you are to be doing.
In fact, the way clarity of purpose gives you confidence is like going to something you have always done for more than twenty years. You would have mastered it so well that you know what results you will get any time any day. When you are woken up from sleep you can predict the results so well because everything is clear to you.
Have you seen the kind of confidence that some other people exhibit daily? Would you like to display that same level of confidence? I may not be able to give you one or two or three steps to building personal confidence but I can tell you that having clarity of purpose is like expecting someone who is drunk to be afraid of anything. He would be too drunk to be afraid. So also a man with a clear purpose knows more than enough not to have confidence. When the mission is clear, it comes with the needed confidence to accomplish it!       

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