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Each time I have the privilege to deliver a presentation somewhere, either as a contestant in impromptu speeches and debates, when I was growing up and finding my path in life, or now as a professional public or motivational speaker, there is something everyone has to say about my presentation. They talk about the unusual confidence and vocal clarity. Even when I met Dayo Olomu, a UK based Nigerian motivational speaker who is doing very well some years back in Lagos Nigeria, he had the same to say.
While they think that the confidence is an ability that was built over the years and some others think it is just a gift, I see it in a slightly different way. My perspective to that confidence, either as a gift or skill, is what has made me call it the confidence of purpose.
Let me explain the confidence of purpose using the example of a cheque. When a very rich and well known business man in your area or country gives you a cheque, you are confident that the cheque will not bounce. You will walk into the bank majestically and when the cashiers talk to you anyhow or waste time, you even threaten to call the owner of the account and report them to him. Sometimes to want to start by asking who the branch manager is. Now you are doing that first because you know the issuer of the cheque and because you know his cheque will never bounce.
You also know that because he is rich then he must be powerful and will have some influence on the people who are supposed to give you the required cash. Now your confidence to act or say whatever you are saying is in the knowledge of the person who gave you the cheque and the fact that the person is rich.
Another way to look at this same confidence of purpose is when you pick up a cell phone to make a phone call. All of a sudden the person on the other end realizes that it’s going to be a long call and asks you to hang up so that you don’t waste your air time. When you hear that, you tell the person never to worry about your time because you have enough air time on your phon. If the person insists that you hang up, you also insist that the conversation continues because you know so well you have recharged your phone and the conversation can’t eat up all your air time. Why do you have that kind of confidence to ask the person to continue the conversation? It’s because you have enough airtime.
Back to my own confidence. Why do I have the kind of confidence that I have. There may be several reasons for the confidence that I display while speaking. It could be because of experience or because of the knowledge of what I am saying. More importantly, my confidence stems from the fact that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing. I am doing what I was born to do. This is what I was called to do and there is nothing else I can do as well as this thing I am doing right now.
From my childhood it has been obvious my business is in the talking field. Any other thing would just be a waste of time. When you engage me to talk then you are just bringing me back into my natural field. So when you talk about the confidence of purpose, it means I am so confident in speaking because it is my purpose.
That is why you must discover your purpose. When you are in your field you will not struggle with confidence. Imagine a doctor who has been practising for more than forty years. What else will scare that kind of a person? What will you say to him in the medical profession that will make him shiver? He would have gained a confidence of purpose by virtue of the years of experience.
When you are in the right place there is a kind of confidence that comes with it. Again I had like you to imagine if you have done nothing wrong and you suddenly see police officers. You are not moved because you have not done anything wrong. But if you just stole something and a police officer accidentally walks in, your heart will skip a beat and you will almost sink.
If you notice that you do not have the much needed confidence, I think that you can gain confidence with years of experience or can be trained for it but before that, ask yourself and be sure that you are in the right place and doing the right thing that you are wired for. That way, you can exhibit and also enjoy the confidence of purpose.  

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