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Congratulations!!! If you are reading this right now it means you made it into the New Year! Wow, I am sure you had a great experience in the past year and are looking forward to greater ones in this new one! I had some experiences myself. There are some I don’t want to have again and there others I want repeatedly. I learnt some lessons as I hope you did as well.
I am really happy that you made it into the New Year. One of the reasons is that it was not in your control to decide if you could make it or not. It was God’s amazing grace that kept you this far. There are those who would have loved to be here right now but they just could not make it this far. You have to be grateful that you made it this far and must also reflect on those times that you didn’t get it right but you were still allowed to move on!
You really should be excited as well that you made it into a New Year because this will afford you the opportunity to start some things all over. You probably had some things that you wanted to do but never got the chance to do. There probably were a few things that you messed up and wish you had a chance to set them right! I guess you now have that time you have been wishing for.
I have a number of things on my mind that I want to achieve before the end of this New Year. There are relationships I want to pursue and there are businesses I want to start. Networking is going to be pivotal as usual and strategic positioning will be needed not only by me but by you as well.
While all of that is important, I still think that one should just think and be grateful for a new chance or a new slate. It’s not really a time to rush out to work again as we always do without just being thankful. If you are complaining about the goals you have not achieved then you need to think about those who have achieved all the goals but are nowhere to be found! If all you can think about right now is what you don’t have then you should think about those who have it all but are bedridden and are just wishing for a miracle to walk again or regain their strength. There are some of them that do not mind trading their resources for their health right now!
I also think that there are a few things we neglect and they are some of the most important things we should also be grateful for. We should be grateful for our eyes that help us see! We should be grateful for the nose that we breathe with and the mouth with which we eat! I am so grateful for the hands I use to write all these thoughts of mine for you to read!
Yeah, I know it’s another year and some are simply worried about what to get out of this year! Some are saying this year has started just like last year started and finished with almost nothing to offer them. A few others are already beginning to pray that this year will not be like the last. I know it’s the time of the year when people are hoping to get started on a great platform and are seriously wishing for progress.
Can you just leave all those worries of yours, at least for today, and be grateful that you made it this far? You need to say congratulations to yourself! There are those who are smarter than you but their smartness has not brought them this far! If you have made it this far, please and for a moment, think about the fact that you could not have done it on your own and be grateful!
Again, I say congratulations that you made it this far! 

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