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While many people are looking for a way to make money and be self-sufficient, others are simply connecting people and making the money that they need. there may be some hard things you need to do to make money but making money is not always a hard thing to do.
One of those things that are not so hard about making money is to connect people and to collect your money. What does this mean and who are you supposed to connect so that you can collect money.
I am sure there are people who have discussed some needs with you and are looking for solutions. You probably though their needs were not your business at all so you let them continue to look for solutions elsewhere. Maybe in some cases you even gave a referral to someone who can help them with their challenges but you have got nothing for giving that referral and you are still looking for money.
Some years ago I was told the story of a lawyer who is now a pastor. He was looking through his mails and he saw a request from someone who wanted to buy drums. He was wondering why they would get in touch with him on matters relating to drums. After a short while he saw another mail where someone had drums to sell. His mind opened immediate and realized someone had already contacted him asking to buy drums. All he did was to look for the old mail and connected the person who wanted to buy the drum and the person who wanted to sell the drums.
These are the days when connections given can be valued and paid for depending on negotiations. You may even not have a job at a moment but if you can take this serious you will be surprised at how you can make something  or even a regular living  out of connecting people who have needs with the people who have the solution.
You can be the solution to the needs of some people just by knowing the right person who can fix their problems. You can also be the solution by taken up their issues and resolving it. In some cases they may not even know the solution provider but you have taken the issues that they have and have fixed it for them.
In life generally, making money is about providing solutions and connecting people to whom they really need is one of the biggest solutions you can give to people. So long as you can help people who need each other desperately for some productive or business reasons, you can also make money.
Someone also recently shared an idea he was working on and with the design of the project, he relied absolutely on the contacts that others could give him. Heres the interesting thing. Those people who would give him the contacts were to be paid if the contacts they give or recommend should agree to do the business! Can you imagine that? All they needed to do was to introduce this young man to another person who is interested in what he wants to do.
Now I expect you to begin to think about people you can connect for business purposes or stay on the alert because some of them might just come your way very soon. You will be surprised at how connecting people might just be putting some money into your account.  
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