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It may sound funny to some people to hear that you need to connect the future using the past. When thinking about this myself, the best story that comes to mind is the story line of ‘Slumdog Millionaire.’ I think it is an amazing film that not only talks to us about a boy who unexpectedly wins a game show with huge financial rewards but it shows us how he made a future for himself by connecting with all his past experiences. As I watched with keen interest, I realized that every question the young man was asked on the game show had something to do with the things that have happened before in his life. When those questions came up, he was simply wise enough to think about those past experiences, connect with them and get the answer to move on to the next phase of the game show. In our own lives too, there are certain questions that life will ask us. When life brings such questions to us, the way forward is for us to think about our past experiences because somewhere in the past the challenges we faced may have given us a solution for the future.
Although Slumdog Millionaire is not a recent movie, I will suggest that if you have not seen the movie you need to find a way to watch it or you may want to watch it again for the lessons this time and not for entertainment. It was the story a young man’s poverty, funny experiences in life and how he fought for a better life. He finally gets a good life by getting on the game show. All he needed to do was to answer questions correctly and the more answers he got the more money he would be able to make. I think it is the same for us in life. The more answers we are able to provide the more rewards life is willing to give us. However, we simply cannot provide those answers without revisiting some of the experiences we have had in the past. One important lesson the film taught me was that everything we are going through right now is simply preparing us for the future. We will need the vital lessons from our current experiences to answer life’s greatest questions coming to us. If we fail to pick the important lessons today, we will get to those phases where we will have to get things done but they will be impossible.
The young man was asked a question about the three musketeers and he remembered that on his first day in a formal school, he and his brothers had been referred to as the three musketeers. They also had an experience as children. They were playing and it suddenly started raining. The young man and his brother ran into the back of a truck but there was another young lady standing in the rain with no one to help. This young man wanted to invite the girl but his brother disagreed. He consistently tried to persuade his brother and finally said that this young girl should be their third musketeer. It was that experience that gave him the answer to the question.
He was asked another question and I think it was about whose picture appeared on one dollar bill. The way he remembered was that at a point in their childhood while trying to survive, they were roaming about and suddenly stumbled on a historic site in India. They saw a lot of tourists who were trying to know more about the things they saw. These kids, with little knowledge suddenly turned themselves into tour guides and they said as much as they knew just to be able to get money from the foreigners. They eventually got the money. He then ran into their slum and saw one of his friends that had been made blind by some wicked men because they knew that blind singers made a lot of money. They then listened to the voices of those kids, promised to make them stars but plucked out their eyes and made them to beg. It was one of those blind guys that told him the name of the person on the dollar bill and from remembering that experience, he answered the question.
I can go on and on trying to show you some questions the young man was asked and how he tried to connect the questions with some experiences in the past but that would mean trying to write the story again. The point for me is, he got the answer that game him more money by first connecting the experiences in his past. That simply means that you have gone through certain things in life and the lessons you picked from those experiences, if you did pick any, are the answers to the questions in your future. You will always have to connect with your future from the past.
What are you going through today that needs some urgent answers from you? Have you gone into your past and there is no experience that can provide the answer for you? Search again. You did not just go through all that you went through for fun. There was a purpose for them. And I think the past experiences were to help you get a better future. Connect the future from your past!

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