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There may be many things that you have been told which can help you to succeed but when you start succeeding, many of those things may not matter as much as consistent excellence. I remember that there is a bread making company that operates in Nigeria. When they started they were really fantastic and I love to take their sliced bread. Before you could say jack they were all over the place. People started recognizing them and they became very popular. For them, that was success but as soon as they became known, people started noticing that they were no longer producing the kind of bread that made people fall in love with them. If they understood the principle of consistent excellence, they would sustain their quality regardless of their popularity with the people. We all at some points in our lives fall victims of this until we become conscious of it and work at it always.
You cannot afford to have things done the right way today and tomorrow you are doing it the wrong way. You cannot say that you have to do things right until you become famous and when you are famous you can do as you please. This also applies to so many actors and actresses and other celebrities around the world. You are one character today but when you become rich and famous you become another character. The people who used to be able to relate with you cannot relate with you anymore and you have also forgotten that those people helped you to get to where you are.
In your place of work as an individual that is not known to anyone, you also have to be consistently excellent. If you are the office cleaner, try as much as possible to clean it in such a way that when you are not at work and someone else has to do it, there will be a difference. There should be a signature of excellence when you touch something. If you are a driver you need to drive in a way that your company or boss will be so comfortable riding in the car with you or sending you on errands. If you are an accountant you cannot afford to compromise. Let the figures be exactly what they are and not what they should be. Put things in order. If you are a carpenter, cobbler, lawyer, engineer or a pharmacist, do thing right and always have what I call consistent excellence.
Sometimes when people are working to get noticed, they will put in their best. You will see that what they have done is really the best. After a while when they are financially comfortable they no longer put in their best. They now become more concerned about the money much more than serving the people that they are producing the gifts for. You should never do things that way. Once people have started trusting you, there is no reason for you to take undue advantage of their trust to cheat on them.
As you even stay longer in your profession, you need to not only stay excellent on the strategies that you have and engage to serve your customers, you should constantly look for newer ways to improve on the excellence that you are known for. I remember a professional public speaker was sharing his speaking experience one day. One of the people in the audience had been in some previous meetings where he spoke so when it was time to interact he stood up and said he was not disappointed. He had consistently listened to this speaker and he said the speaker had never failed to come out fresh. That is being consistently excellent at what you do. Never cease to come out in positively different ways to serve your people or do your business. Not even your success should make your start compromising.
Whatever it is that you are doing, you have to strive for excellence and be very consistent at it. When you are in business, you may start out by making money from every transaction but you will get to a stage where it is your excellence that will fetch you money. So if you remain excellent you make more money and when you compromise excellence, you lose money.
Excellence is key to getting your desired growth but you also cannot sustain it without being consistent at it. Make it your watch word from now on to be consistently excellent. 

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