Consistently disused head: Limited plus Liability plus Company – Fola Daniel Adelesi.

A consistently disused head, that is the head you refuse to use either at its maximum capacity or at a lower capacity, can be explained using an equation. When you refuse to use a head it first becomes limited and after some time the limited head becomes a liability. As soon as the limited head becomes a liability it has mature into a company because its limit and its status as a liability are enough to make it a company.
One of the questions you need to answer is if you are running as a limited liability company! There are pressures on daily basis and there are demands every minute that our heads must respond to so we must learn how to put the head to work. Sometimes our heads work like the engines of abandoned cars. If you don’t use a car after some time the engine of that car begins to depreciate and when the engine of that car begins to depreciate by developing fault it will not go as far as it should go. At this point in time if you really need to use this car then you will have to spend more than the normal required money to get it back to life. You are going to need more energy to get it back to life. You are going to need more hands to bring the car back to life.
If the car had been in consistent use you will not need a lot of energy to make it work because the engine is experiencing the normal pressure and exercise that it should experience. Just as the car under consistent use needs less energy to get on the road, the brain under consistent use needs lesser stress to produce result because it has become used to being given tasks and at that time it produces more. The head that is not used to being given tasks most times becomes distressed occasionally when you decided to put pressure on it. This happens because it has become limited since it was not used most times. While it was not being used it was becoming a liability. Most times when some men need to work and they need to use some physical tools to work, they usually prefer to go back to the tools that they have been using for a while. Workers usually trust the tools that they have been using consistently more than the tools that look good but have not been in use.
This illustration with the tool is proven in the contemporary days in the way the government thinks when it needs to make some appointments. I have realized that some of the government officials who are in the position to appoint other people usually like to appoint the people who have been tested already with some positions of responsibility. They most likely would not pick people who have not been used in any place before. They are picking these people who have been in some positions before because their heads have been tested. Even companies want to use people whose heads have been tested and not people whose heads have not been tested. You really need to put your head to work because this is where a biblical principle comes in. There is a principle that says to the one that already has more will be given. The extension of that principle is that things will be taken from those who have not enough to be given to those who have enough. This is simply based on the principle of tested heads that have not been limited. Make use of your head and bring it out of the state of limitation. Your head should not be a limited liability company.

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