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Having reminded you that there are other things you can do in the post that was published yesterday, it’s important to now move to honing the skills. You can do everything in this world and try as long as you want to. If you do not hone your skills you will only be wasting your time. Some people in life have mastered the art of doing more while others have mastered the art of honing their skills.
When you meet two people who do more or hone skills, you will realize that the one who hones his skills might have more results compared to the other person who is just doing more.
There is nothing wrong with doing more of whatever you intend to do. It’s okay to try new things but you note that you are unduly stretching yourself and also not maximising potentials when you only work more.
The word hone is actually a stone that is used to sharpen edges of some blades. It therefore means that when you are told to hone your skills, you are being told to sharpen the skills. It means to refine the skills and make it more effective. When a skill is sharp, just like any razor or cutlass, we all know it will be easier for it to cut through anything.
What will be the sense in having ten blunt cutlasses if you need to cut a tree when you can simply work with just one sharp cutlass? The several cutlasses will be a burden to you and will still not achieve what they are supposed to help you achieve. With one sharp cutlass, it’s easier for you to move really fast and every swing produces result.
That’s what you need to do with your skills. Make it sharp. Don’t worry about having several skills for now. I get requests from a number of young people asking me to mentor them. Some of them say they are confused because they have several passions and don’t know what to do first. If you are like that then you are also working with several blunt cutlasses.
It is not that you can’t work with several skills or do so many things. It’s just so important to take it one at a time. If you try to do too many things together when you are just starting, you will wear yourself out.
Can you just imagine someone who is just learning how to drive? Picture a situation where this new learner tries to drive with one hand, use his mobile phone and at the same making efforts to drive really fast! What do you think will happen to this learner? You know that’s disastrous, right? That’s what you are also doing when you do not hone one skill first, master it and then begin to think about other skills.
I suggest you slow down on those many things you are trying to do. Pick one skill and perfect it. Make sure it is even known as your major skill to many others. Once that is done then you can start working on other skills and spread to other ventures.
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