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Sometimes when I go back to the place where I was born and spent most of my childhood years, I still find the shops that were there and mostly in the same way they had always been. In more than 20 years, nothing significant had changed about most of those shops and even the people in the area. And some of them are wondering why things are not getting better for them.
I make bold to say that what some really big stores are selling is called innovation! If you take a close look you will find that they have not really done something so out of this world in the shop but you keep getting a new feeling each time you go there. In some of those places, the people or the shop owners have decided that they are going to constantly do things differently. You may have a fashion designer who renders the same service to you but does it in several ways all the time. The barber, the banker, the mechanic, the telecommunications company, the guy in the computer shop and any other person you can imagine in any big either with specialized or no specialized skill will need to sell innovation in order not to run out of business. You will start running out of business from the day you cannot find an innovation to sell.
The world today is so crazy about the automobile industry and what the industry is selling is actually innovation! A car was an invention many years ago but until now, we have seen different versions or different improvements on the cars. The innovation in the industry is so rapid that while you are admiring a car, you see another one that is far better than that. Just while you are saving up to buy that one, you will see the commercial for a new car. What we are all buying is called a car but importantly, some appear with the touch of more innovation from the features they offer.
This same secret is also working perfectly in the world of technology. In the heat of invention, it was a great issue for you to be able to use a device to talk to someone you cannot see or was not even around you. In this present time, a so-called phone that cannot help you see whats going on around the world via emails or internet is not regarded as a mobile phone. They have even gone as far as checking up health related issues through the phone.
If you will succeed personally or as an organization you will need to work hard at innovating. Sometimes when people are told to work hard, they think that working hard is about slaving out or trying to do double of what they used to do before they were told to work heard! Working hard has always been about putting some extra efforts that complement your energy!
Now you know that one of the extra efforts that complement your energy is innovation. In trying to innovate, it may just be about changing the way you do business! If you had five processes your clients used to go through before now, you may introduce a facility that ensures they don’t have to go through five again. Now they are just going through 2 and that saves them some time! At some point you can even reduce the whole process to 1 and that will make them feel a lot better.
In anything you do, keep innovation! If there’s nothing new about the way you do business, why should people continue to do business with you?
© Fola Daniel Adelesi
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