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There is a constant contention for your soul and as a child of God you have a responsibility to cooperate with God in the preservation of that soul. Every now and then there are things happening just to get your soul off the kingdom of God. We already know that the devil is roaming about as a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour.
One of the things we have to note is that he will go after the insensitive children of God. You don’t need to be told that that he is subtle and cunning so as to look nice and like the promised package until unsuspecting children of God fall for his tricks. You can’t just watch the things happening around you and not see how that some of them are actually against your soul.
More than ever before, the things we used to dread have become the normal things to do and so many Christians are falling for that. They think if it’s okay by this person to do something then it should be okay for me to do it as well. They don’t even realize that some of the people they are trying to imitate, who look like and have mingled with the children of God, are actually agents of darkness.
When you go on the road there is a contention for your soul. When you are in your office there is a contention for your soul. When you are at home or in the market place, the same contention is going on for your soul. It’s tougher than it was and you just can’t imagine all that the devil is doing and will do just to get your soul, especially if you have been blessed by God with some heavy talents and have also been on fire for God.
As children of God we cannot be afraid of the contention for our souls. We have not received the spirit of fear but of love and a sound mind. What then must we do in order make sure our souls remain preserved for the harvest of the master?
One of the most important things to do is to keep a strong communication line with God. When we keep that strong communication line open with God we are going to know what to do or not do; where to go or not go and how to do things or not do them. When someone is in danger and the person can communicate with a rescue team, it is most like that the person can be save from danger. If the person loses communication with the rescue team then the chances of survival will slim down.
All Christians, especially the unsuspecting ones, are in the danger of the end times. Your soul is the only objective but if you can keep your communication line with God you will be preserved.
You can’t get too busy not to recharge yourself. Many children of God are already drained. There is no anointing left in them. There is no oil on their heads anymore. They are just operating with natural gifts. They themselves have seen that they are even struggling to do what used to be easy to do.
If you keep giving excuses of being busy and you fail to make out the time to recharge yourself, just remember that you are the one in danger and not God. You are the one whose soul has contentions over it and not God. Recharge yourself in the word of God. Recharge yourself by listening and reading. Be a part of a vibrant group of children of God who are actually growing spiritually and not just numerically.
You will note that I have said ‘unsuspecting’ or ‘insensitive’ when referring to some children of God. How can we be unsuspecting on insensitive even though the Bible admonishes us to watch and pray? Many do not really know or have any relationship with the Holy Spirit. He is the great teacher who knows and sees the end from the beginning and also teaches us concerning all things. If we have a relationship with him and keep it very well, we cannot be insensitive or unsuspecting when it comes to the issues of contention over our souls.
I will keep it at this for now but as you go about your daily business, remember three things. 1. Communicate with God and keep the communication line strong and open. 2. Never get too busy to recharge and 3. You must have a working relationship with the Holy Spirit. Once those three things are constantly taken care of, there is no contention for your soul that can succeed. Children of God, beware!

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