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Doing good sounds easy and we all expect that everyone should be doing good but somewhere along the line, we just realize that it sometimes can be discouraging when you are doing all the good you can and some people are simply doing all the evil they can. Those who seem to be doing all the evil or just some bad things that they can do seem to be getting the upper hand. In some cases it appears as though they liver a better life and are more rewarded in good ways compared to those good people who are nice to everyone they know. Some have also asked, why do bad things happen to good people and why do the bad people seem to be having a great time?
I must confess that this is one of life’s greatest questions that might remain a mystery until we all meet with God face to face. I don’t know of any intelligent answer that anyone can give you which will adequately and logically explain why good things should happen for bad people but I know that there is no one who will not be adequately compensated for the works he or she is doing.
Some people may be doing all the wrong things around you and they seem to be prospering right now! Believe me, it will only be for a while. It cannot last for too long. There is no person who sows evil as a seed and gets good in return. You should not join the people to do all the wrong things they are doing because they seem to have the larger than life right now. I think the Bible even knows that those people who are doing good may sometimes be intimidated by the results those who are doing bad are having. So the Bible says, ‘do not be weary in doing good.’ It may look like you are not getting all that you desired right now but it will not be a genuine reason for you to stop the good things you are doing.
If you want to give up then you can give up the bad or old and destructive habits that you have but you must not give up on doing good things. Sometimes when you agree with your bank to save up for a long time, it can be a very painful experience. You may go back to the bank and they will tell you that you cannot get your money because you both have an agreed time when you are to collect the money. If you want to collect the money before that time you may be given but will be penalized for collecting the money before the agreed date. If you are willing to hold on and you continue to save up as agreed, you will laugh last because of what you will get in the end. You will not only be paid your money, you will be paid the accumulation of all that you have saved up. At that time you will forget the pains of saving up and all that you went through just to save up that money. You will forget that you denied yourself some pleasure in order to save up that money!
Doing good is like saving up money for the future. You may not have access to the results of doing good today but you will definitely get the real results. Be good to others. Help people. Give a ride to someone who is stranded. Help someone who is broke to pay some bills. Pay the school fees of some poor children. Help someone get a good job. Help someone start a business by giving them a loan. Give a recommendation to someone when you know that your recommendations count and can change someone’s life for good. Never grow weary in doing good. You are saving up for yourself. The more good you do the more good you will harvest!
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