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Often times we look at the leaders in a nation who have political offices as those who as solely responsible for the decadence or any other issue that’s gone wrong in the nation because we all know that everything rises and falls on leadership but we barely look at the individual’s attitude in the nation. The art of nation building cannot be the sole responsibility of a leader and I wonder how you would build a nation strictly with leaders without the real engagement of the followers!
As a citizen in my own country I sometimes take a look at some of the things that people are doing and then I ask, ‘Is it also the government that is doing this to us?’ There are so many things that we hang on the neck of the government when worse things are being done by the citizens on daily basis with no connection to the government in any way!
We cannot be talking about rebuilding a nation or making the nation a better one when the individual in that nation has already lost integrity or cannot be trusted to deliver on any promise! When we say politicians make a lot of promises and don’t deliver on their promises all we should have done is to take a good look at the society and remember that most of the people within the systems of this society do not have anything called personal integrity! We just don’t say the things they really mean and they don’t mean the things they really say!
When some people seem to be talking authoritatively you look at them and they sound very believable but then you realize it’s another bunch of lies that you have been told and then you really don’t even know who to trust anymore! We cannot hold our leaders responsible for their own lies when individuals in this nation are always lying about one thing or the other even when there is absolutely no reason to lie!
Let’s not start with trying to deal with the very big issue in the matter because it will be very hard to handle that1 Let’s start by dealing with the very small ones. In the various offices where we work we need to start dealing with the issues of integrity there and in the homes as well! We have to build a zero tolerance for other people’s lack of integrity and not encourage it in anyway because these are the people who wake up one day to become the big leaders we are trying to deal with. If some of them had been dealt with while they were just individuals with no known name then they would not understand what it is to run around in front of several people looking up to them without standing as people of integrity.
If we are going to hold our leaders accountable then we need to start from ourselves! When people have questionable characters we must never let them continues in those small offices that can give them the chances to get into those bigger offices. This is very important because you find people who have been in several positions before who messed up so bad and they still use those previous positions as the selling point to get into the new ones and then they get another chance to mess up on a bigger scale!
It’s not the big things we are focusing on that sometimes fix the nation! It’s the small things we refuse to focus on or make excuses for! What about your personal integrity? Do you have any? Well, think on these things and act on these things because your personal integrity is an important tool in building the nation that you belong to!
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