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I think that in this generation it is easier to see a copy and paste generation. A generation with a lost identity and because it’s identity is totally lost, it gets into a lot of trouble for trying to be who they are not or doing what they are not supposed to be. When you look around you will see so many people who have no idea what makes them different from the people around and they are not striving to work on their differences to become outstanding from the crowd.
Have you at any point found yourself doing the copy and paste as well. In case you are still wondering why I am using copy and paste, all you need to do is to remember the copy and paste function on your computer. You remember so well that there existing documents on your computer and if you don’t want to do things all over again or you just want to produce something in a hurry, then you best option is copy and paste. Unfortunately, too many people in our generation today are just living a life of copy and paste.
Let me even ask you, are you really living your own life or your life is that of a copied one and you are just pasting it for others to see. To live the copy and paste kind of life is to do something because that is what everyone is doing or do something because people tell you it’s in vogue. Other people become your standard and their activities or lifestyles also become your standard. Whatever they do is right for you and whatever they do not do is not okay for you to do.
It is rather unfortunate that many who are living this copy and paste life style have taken it into their marriages and they seek to do what other couples are doing rather than doing what works for them. Some business owners have also gotten into the copy and paste life style and it has crushed their businesses. You realized that someone has just bought a new car and you don’t even know what that person’s turnover is but you think you can buy the same car because you are both living in the same area or you are in the same kind of business. Because of that you now spend your capital on buying another car that you don’t need. For a while people will like or envy or celebrate you as well. They will love the new car but your business would have been going down! You can decide to live in a small apartment, save up more money and invest in something good for your future but you will rather live in a large apartment because all your colleagues live in big houses that they have not paid for. Even though you know that some of them have gotten into debts or trouble just to impress the world, you forget the obvious reality and embrace the illusion of pleasure that you get for a while. Few years down the line, you are also in real trouble either with the bank or some other creditors.
Be wise enough to live your own life. Don’t get involved in the copy and paste generation. Don’t put another person’s life in front of your simply to imitate them or try and live the fake lives they are trying to live. Even when you intend to emulate successful people, you have to be very careful in the way you emulate them. It is not even their physical activities that will guarantee you the kind of success they have but the principles that they practice.
You will ultimately enjoy being unique, different and outstanding when you live your own life rather than doing the copy and paste life! Live your own life. Fola Daniel Adelesi
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