Create your own luck | (C) Fola Daniel Adelesi

Create your own luck | ©Fola Daniel Adelesi
People have expected that something will just happen for them through an act they want to describe as luck. They have waited for years and nothing seems to be happening. They have seen others experiencing what they desire to experience and they are wondering why it is not happening to them. At some point they just conclude that the other person is lucky and they are the ones who are not lucky. As a result, everybody wants to be lucky. They want to do very little work and have so much to show for it. Everyone is looking for the easy way out!
My first assignment here is to first help you to unlearn whatever you have learnt about luck and to make you see the real thing. We live in a world where there are so many myths and some of them were created from the imaginations of very lazy people who want us to believe that something can happen in our favour without us having to do as much work as other hard working people
Some people have even gone as far as giving luck a label. When two people for instance get into something and one person comes out faster, better and with a lot of profits then the people will say, he has good luck. When the other person comes out of it with very little or no result they will say he has bad luck. When you truly look at the situation in some cases, the one with the good luck was the one who was more strategic or was smarter. The one they said has bad luck is probably just working hard with no understanding of principles that can make things easier and still get more results!
The real truth is that there are no lucks that just occur anywhere and on their own. You have to be responsible enough to create your own luck for yourself. Some of the ways you can be proactive about creating your own luck include:
1.Never fold your hands and do nothing.
2.Acquire a skill to either render a service or create a product.
3.Tell as many people that care to listen about your product or service.
4.Imagine all the time the kind of people you will want to work for or work with.
5.Always picture how you want your life to be.
If you do these simple things I guarantee you will find more luck than you have ever experienced. One day you just might be talking to someone about your business and the person will know another person who needs your service or product badly. You may render a service or sell a small product to a client and the client will be using the product or enjoying the service but someone will come in and ask that client who rendered the service or who created the product!
I dont know what you think about luck but I strongly believe that luck is opportunities coming your way in line with your previous preparations. If you want to be luck, prepare! If you want to be luck, acquire a skill! If you want to be lucky, do something about it today as against tomorrow!
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