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Many of us have been waiting for others to give us a platform and we hope that when they give us the platform, we can explode with all the potentials that we carry within us. For years we have waited and nothing has happened. We have become frustrated with some of those people and are now wondering what we can do. It’s a very simple thing. What you have to do is to create your own opportunities!
Sometimes when you take a look at those who have succeeded greatly or are currently succeeding, you will realize that they are people who have created their own opportunities and are moving fast in life with them.
Life will not naturally give you opportunities! People will always look for a way to restrain you to where you are. When you are getting things done for others, there is a limit to how far you can go. There’s just a limit to the opportunities you get and the platforms that you have and can maximise.
When you see that people are not giving you the platforms or the opportunities that you want, I suggest you stop waiting for them because they may never come forth as you expect. You must create your own opportunities. You have to find your own space and make things happen.
The more you wait for others and make them think that your opportunities absolutely depend on them, the more you limit yourself and also give those people the power to limit you. you must never empower anyone to limit you so much so that they decide the space you can utilize or the opportunities you can create.
You have limitless opportunities that you can work with. The important thing you have to do is to look within you. spend some time brooding on the gifts within and the resources that you have.
Another problem most of us seem to have is that we always think we have nothing. We also see nothing and we mostly say that we have nothing. That is why nothing has been happening for us. We have to stop seeing ‘nothing’ and saying that we have nothing. If that does not stop then there are no opportunities that you can create.
For those who dare to look within, life has endless opportunities. We have to do that job of looking within to find them. When we find them we must proceed to proceed to process them and ensure we follow them through to completion.
All the opportunities you have been looking for may not lie with another person. They lie within you only if you will see that and begin to create opportunities for yourself. In fact, when others give you opportunities, it will still be nothing compared to the ones within you that you can generate and maximise for yourself.
I think that you have short changed yourself long enough. There is more to you than what you are carrying around and what you are focusing on as your limitations. Rather than exploring your opportunities, you have been exploring your limitations. Turn the wheel around now to start exploring your opportunities, create them and make your life count.  
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