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In this very dynamic world it is inevitable that you come across challenges on daily basis while trying to get things done. It could be in your career or business and personal life. Every day you face some financial challenges because you have bills to pay or because you have done businesses with some people who might be messing you up or are also in some terrible situations. You just realize that you have loads of issues to deal with on daily basis. Some people end up just looking for solutions and as they start looking for solutions they allow their problems to compound. A few others seem overwhelmed by the challenges and just run away or commit suicide. Instead of getting into either of the situations, you can simply create or innovate with your solutions.
There are people who have gone through the things that you are going through right now and that should make your life a lot easier. When I am talking about creating your solutions it does not necessarily mean that you have to get into something you have never done before. It’s about being intuitive enough to get out of those situations where you never want to find yourself again. I don’t think that you are the only one going through what you are going through. There are other people who are going through it as well and more importantly, there are those who have gone through it. A few things might differentiate you from those who have gone through what you are going through but there will always be something to learn from them.
What you have to do to create your own solution is to take a good look at those who have gone through what you are going through and to find out what they did to get out of the situation. Some are not out of the situation completely but they seem to be doing fine. I still use the word create because I really do not expect you to take their own solutions or strategy and try to apply it exactly the way they have been applying it. When you take their solutions you still have to be wise enough to know where and when something works for you or how it will work for you. The part of the solution that they started with may not be what you will start with. It may be what you will need somewhere along the line or end with.
Bear in mind that if something has worked for others before then it has a great possibility of working for you. Your responsibility now will be to find a way to adapt that solution from other people’s challenges to make sure it serves you right. There are people who have been fired before and they are now doing well financially even though they did not have another source of income when they were fired. The question you need to ask is, ‘what did they do and how did they do it rather than committing suicide?’ Some people have lost so much money in business before. How did they recover from the loss? There are those who have been neck deep in debts before and now they are out of debt. There is a secret they can share with you on coming out of debt. Are there personal issues in your family that seems to be tearing you apart? There are trusted people you can relate with on that matter.
I understand that you have issues to deal with but seating with those issues and expecting miracles only as the solutions will be compounding the problems. Try an adaptation of other people’s solutions because they really can work for you as they have worked for others. Also bear in mind that the solutions are often more about the principles establishing or guiding them rather than the step by step action!
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