Dare to Achieve – Fola Daniel Adelesi

I was told to write on dare to dream but I beg to write on dare to achieve because I am really tired of several dreamers who roam the streets with the fantasies of their dreams without any action I place. We have millions of dreamers but we can barely count people who are achievers so the real question I should ask you is about what you are doing with those dreams that you keep talking about.
Let me say a few things using very simple words.
1.) Do you know what to do with yourself?
2.) If you do not know what to do with yourself how can you be relevant to the society?
3.) Do you know what you are good at?
4.) If you do not know what you are good at what will you be paid for?
5.) Those who do not know what they are good at end up in the closets of those who know what to do with them and pay for their time.
6.) What do you want to be remembered for when you are dead?
If you can answer all these questions successfully then I can say that you are on your way to getting things done but here are some of the things that can help you dare to achieve:
1.) To achieve you must keep a vision in focus.
2.) Keep researching about your vision.
3.) Continually expand your capacity – through training – for the vision.
4.) When you achieve what you have in focus, expand the vision.
5.) What matters about your dream is not about who does not believe it.
6.) God needs only your faith, not your friend’s faith, to help you achieve.
7.) Achievers are not found everywhere because they are preparing to succeed.
8.) Never let your passion run dry.
9.) Surround yourself with people who carry high frequency passion
10.) Don’t always stay with people who have nothing to teach you.
11.) Get “legitimately desperate” about touching a life.
12.) Celebrate yourself rather than get intimidated by what people say.
13.) Never respond to everything you hear – it is your proof of maturity.
14.) Achievers don’t have time to fight, they have important things to do.
15.) To achieve the right thing, keep talking to the master planner, God.
16.) Be flexible enough to admit that you may be wrong and adjust.
17.) Keep talking about your vision engaging the power of words.
18.) Find out the best way to start small and grow consistently.
19.) Don’t EVER get cocky (Pride repels the people you need, it destroys)
20.) Be grateful for every level to access the next level.
I deliberately listed so that you can cut and paste where you will see this daily. It will work if you work it!
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