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In life, if you do not have the courage to be different then you have already cut down on your chances of becoming a successful person. I remember Dr. David Oyedepo would say, ‘If you are afraid to be different you will never make a difference.’ When we go about our daily lives trying to get things done the way every other person will do it then we will just end up in the same commotion as every other person and we will have to get a share of their frustration. From the beginning, it may be sweet to join the people who have refused to be different but at the end of the day we will realize it was such a big mistake to have joined them in the first place.
Dare to be different in the place where you work! If every other person thinks that stealing money is the way to go you have to go in the other direction. Dare to be different in the way you run your business and in your neighbourhood you have to dare to be different. Don’t hold people to ransom just because you need to make money quickly. If people have a code of living in a nonchalant way you cannot join them to live in a nonchalant way. When other people watch things being destroyed you have to stand up and do something. As a politician you have to stand up to be different and make people realize that it is a noble thing to be a politician and not an evil thing. You must make people understand that politics is not about power but about policies and as well making the lives of the people you are leading a better one. As a teacher you must not just let the students pass through you without a significant impact on their lives. The job you are doing is not just about making money but make a difference!
There are people who are afraid to be different and that’s because they do not want people to abuse them and they just don’t want people coming around to come and disturb them about why they are making attempt to be different. If you think you don’t want people to talk about you right now and you refuse to make a difference, you will be amazed that they will still talk about you when you start failing woefully and they will even say they don’t want to associate with you as a failure.
In order to make a difference in life you have to dare to be different and be willing to take the unpopular path. I have seen leaders who have dared to be different by taking some very serious decisions and when confronted on the kind of decisions they have taken, they will tell you that it is not a popularity contest. In order words, they are not in leadership just to try and please everyone. They are there to do the things they think they need to do in order to change things for good. When you fail to recognize the fact that you have to be different then you have started associating with failure.
So many people do not realize that some of the people they are even trying to please publicly by not standing for a difference are people who are secretly trying to make a difference! They may not openly do the things you expect that will seem as activities that will stand them out but you will end up being fooled if you are trying to do what some others are not doing and then you find out when it’s too late that some of them have secretly worked on doing things differently!
When you even think very well, your face is different from that of every other person, your nose is different, your finger prints are different and your body is not the same with that of every other person around so of you already look different why would you not want to stand for a difference? It is the entrance into mediocrity that will never allow people to think about standing up and making a difference in life. You should never just do things because that’s the way every other person is doing it.
You lose your uniqueness when you try to do things the way every other person will do it. If God does not want us to be different then he would not have created us to look differently. You already look different so you should not be afraid to stand and be totally different from the others! I challenge you to step out mediocrity and stand for a difference.
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