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Everyday, there are things happening around us to constantly remind us of the fact that the deficits we are looking at in our lives can be overturned. It is easy for us to focus on how much we have lost or what we are still losing rather than focusing on what we can still gain. I think that we all know it can be very discouraging to not have what you should have but the worse thing that can happen is to not make use of the opportunity that you have.
Everything that has not worked in your favour can still work in your favour. Things can still turn around for you. You may have been the person that everyone is mocking or molesting but you can become the one that they all are celebrating. This is not just mere inspiration. I have seen it happen in the lives of people and have also heard many others share their story.
Famous among many others is the story of Ben Carson. You may have read ‘Gifted Hands’ or ‘Think Big’ which are books that share his personal experiences. I have seen the movie ‘The pursuit of happiness’ acted by Will Smith to show us the experience of a man who used to be locked out of his house because he could not pay rents, abandoned by his wife and finally slept in public toilets with his son. He pressed on. He was willing to make something out of his life and he finally saw someone who introduced him to a professional line of business. I think it was the stock market. Not too sure now but he made the most of it in the worst circumstances and with little education. The rest is history. He became rich.
Circumstances may not seem to be instantly responding to our demands or confessions of faith and self belief. It may not seem to recognize our determination but when we keep at it, we will soon realize that it was the internal workings of the circumstances that started before the physical results started showing. Don’t say things are not working so you stop working on anything. I think that the circumstances have a voice and they sometimes say, ‘the people are just not going to give up so be better yield to them.’
I am not much of a football fan but I was impressed by what happened last Saturday, 25 January, 2014 between Nigeria and Morroco in the CHAN competition going on. I was told that the Morrocans scored three goals in the space of about ten minutes within the first half. The Nigerian team and fans must have been very sad going by this score line after fourty five minutes. They took a break and returned for the second half. Guess what happened? They bounced back. From three goal deficit, they scored the first, second and third on the nightieth minute. The competition is in the knock out stages so someone has to win and the other has to go. They were given extra time and reports say that Nigerians netted another goal in the 111th minute of the match to win the game. They could have given up with the results from the first half but they did not and their determination paid off. Interestingly, this is about the second time this is happening under coach Stephen Keshi. I remember he was the coach of  a Malian team around 2010 when the team was losing with four goals. All the four goals were returned within the last 20 minutes of the game. It ended as a draw that year. I was so inspired by this that I wrote a piece titled ‘The Malian resurgence’
If we do not conclude that there is nothing more for us to get out of life, we will be amazed at what we can still get. If we do not say that all is over, we will be surprised at how much more is still in stock for us. We truly can have all deficits overturned. Losses can turn to gains. Oppressions can be overturned and we become colleagues or even seniors of those oppressing us.
If we don’t quit fighting in our minds and we keep looking at possibilities then our deficits can be overturned.

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