Deformed mentality | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

There are times you start out with a different mentality and everything seems fine. You look at the situation of life and you are not performing below average in the things you are doing. That also shows that your thinking is pretty fine. Sadly, a few things change our mentality either for good or for bad.
We go through some serious challenges in life and by the time we are done, those challenges may have shaken our faith and resolve to succeed in certain things. Sometimes, the challenges some of go through move us from the possibility mentality to the impossibility mentality. Challenges move some people from the arena of faith to the pavilion of doubt.
The mentality that was hitherto good enough to take us to the next level becomes affected by the things we are going through. That’s how some people acquire a deformed mentality in life. While I understand the things some people are going through, one of the worst mistakes we can ever make as human beings is to allow our terrible experiences shape our mindsets negatively.
You may have had to climb a rough mountain. You may have been struck down a couple of times. You may have been brushed or bruised. All these things happen in life but as they happen, you have the responsibility of shielding your mentality from the challenges of life that you’re walking through. That’s how to come out better from those situations you’re in at the moment.
If you don’t shield your mentality from being battered by your bruises in life, your mentality becomes deformed. If the challenges you have gone through have reshaped your mindset negatively, it is time to pick up your faith again. It is time to get going in life. It is time to brace up for the challenges and come out with a better mindset.
Be like a child when it comes to your mindset. A child can go through several obstacles trying to get something but those obstacles are not enough to stop that child. Sometimes, the child can get tired. At other times the child will act like that pursuit no longer matters. It is only a matter of time before that child starts trying again and the child finally succeeds. Most obstacles that children go through don’t deformed – negatively reprogramme – their minds. They are dogged enough to get going again. They are strong enough to face the same challenge again. Until the conquest of that mountain before them, they just keep going.
You are strong and you are going to pull through these challenges that you’re going through. The road ahead may be rough but you will definitely arrive on the other side. The tunnel may be dark but there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t ever allow your present circumstance limit your mentality. That’s because your circumstance is for a while. It will soon be gone and when it is gone, what you can do or become after that circumstance is left to your mindset.
Whenever you go through anything, let that thing improve and not deform your mindset no matter what it is. That’s how to keep going in life. That’s how to make lemon out of a lemonade. That’s the winning mentality and it is what you need to get to any desired height in life.

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