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After Jesus was nailed to the cross and the pain was too much for him, he was obviously in the middle of so much ridicule. Here was the saviour of the world nailed to the cross. He didn’t come down from the tree. He did not perform any miracle to get off the tree even though he had raised the dead. Someone even said, ‘physician, heal thyself.’ At that moment, the devil thought Jesus was losing. The devil thought that his own plans had worked and that everything Jesus planned to achieve would not work again.
Guess what? It was what you can call a delusion of victory. Why is that? It is because everything the devil saw as a victory accomplished for him was not actually working for him. It was actually working for Jesus who seemed to be losing at the moment. While Jesus seemed to be losing, his victory was being perfected.
He himself saw everything and how though it was going to be. At that point he wished that the cup would pass over him. One could say that in that short moment he spoke in the flesh but he quickly said not my will but they will be done. When all was done and perfected, He said ‘it is finished.’
There are people around you today who probably think that they are winning the battle against you. They are mocking you and asking you to save yourself. They think you are now losing but they do not know that while you seem to be losing, they are the ones who are actually losing. While they seem to be winning, they are losing greatly.
Everything the devil did was supposed to destroy the mission of Jesus but rather than achieve that motive, he kept pushing Jesus closer to his mission. I dare say to you that once you are with God, people will push you closer to God rather than push you away from him. They will push you closer to your goal in life rather than push you away from those goals.
Right now things may not look good. It may appear to be a disaster. All hope may seem to have been lost. You may not know what to do other than to give in to the enemies and think that their opinion of you is actually right. Wait. Before you agree with your enemies that you are losing, look up and gain insight into what God is doing to see that they are the ones who are actually losing and not God.
Can you imagine what happened to the man, Judas, who betrayed Jesus? Nobody condemned Judas to death! He just came to his senses after being paid to deliver Jesus to them. He delivered Jesus and saw the weight of what was to be done to him. Nobody said he should go and die. He pushed himself to death after willing giving up the rewards for his action.
Again I assure you that your enemies will see things turn around. When things turn around then they will realize that they were actually helping you to win, just as every action from the devil helped Jesus to win more. You should never be carried away by the illusion of victory. It is not the enemy that is winning. You are the one who is winning. It may not look like it now but your eventual victory will become obvious and it will shock people. The victory is yours and the delusion is for your enemies!

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