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If you think ignorance is destructive, what about polluted knowledge? Over the years people have talked so much about the dangers of not knowing anything but you hardly hear people talk about the dangers of knowing the wrong things! There are too many people who are so informed but for the most part they are misinformed. In a number of cases, it is not the absence of information that is killing us but the presence of wrong information, ‘half-truth’ or incomplete information.
Have you ever felt deceived by a marketer before? The marketer tells you about a product or a service. That is true. The marketer tells you where you can get it. That is true. The marketer tells you all that the product will do for you so that you can buy it but after buying you discovered the product could only do half or even less than what the marketer told you. At that point you get angry because you feel you have wasted money and you feel cheated. In some cases, it can get really bad if the product causes any harm to you or any other family member using the product. That you have paid for something does not mean it will not harm you. If it is bad, it is bad. The scenario shows you exactly what the challenge of some people are. They have paid over the years for wrong information and have begun to run with it but it now working against them. No matter how expensive wrong information or ‘half-truth’ is, you must remember that it is dangerous for your mind.
On daily basis you will see people who are struggling and you will also realize that they are not struggling because it is hard to be successful in life but they are struggling because what they are running with is not the real thing. The bad part is that some of the wrong information or the ‘half-truth’ that people have paid for or have stored in their minds over the years have formed the basis for the daily actions. They have become habits and characters so it is difficult for some people to get rid of them except through some rigorous mind transformation process.
You really need to check yourself and look at other people around you. Find out what wrong information has taken strong roots in your mind that has begun to set limits for you in your business, career, marriage, academics, ministry or any other thing that you do.
If we refuse to unlearn – deprogramme our minds or put away all the wrong information and ‘half-truth’ – we will continue to go deeper, and probably faster, in the wrong direction. It is important for us to begin the process of unlearning and relearning which is about taking out the wrong information and bringing the real information.
Here’s how to unlearn the wrong information or ‘half-truth’:
1. Look for information from credible sources with proven results
2. Always checkmate – compare and set boundaries using other credible sources – information.
3. Keep your heart open and be willing to take in new information.
4. Listen and read over and over again for assimilation.
5. Be flexible about what you know
6. Never always stick with what you know. Stick with what works.
7. Bear in mind that the information that does not improve your life will depreciate it.
Having been armed with this information, begin the process of transformation today and start deprogramming your mind to give room for the real information.
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