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There are times when you come face to face with people who have a real success in what they are doing. You can tell that they are not faking it or you have even heard about them before meeting them. When they get to the part of telling their real stories you will then realize that the pains are often part of the stories. Despite the pains, they still succeeded.
In many cases, it is the pains that pave way for the gains. Unfortunately there are many in today’s world who are looking seriously or even desperately for the gains without any desire to go through the pains. That’s like asking for a product on the shelf but you are telling the sales man you don’t want to pay for it. You are only given what you have paid for.
Take a look at this issue from another perspective. When you have gone through so much to get your money and you present your money at the counter for a product, you get what you want immediately. But if you tell the man at the counter that you have gone through so much and because of that you should get the product you are simply wasting your time and his.
There will be pains for what you intend to succeed at. There will be times of tears. There will be times when it looks like nothing you do is working. In some cases you may even think that something is wrong with you. I can tell there is nothing wrong with you. You are only wondering why things are not happening for you despite all that you are doing to succeed.
At other times we are under the illusion that others are not suffering. We think we are the only ones suffering but a closer walk with those other people will show us that we are not the only ones in some serious situations. Some of the people you are even looking at are in worse situations compared to yours.
My job right now is to assure you, because I have confidence, that you will succeed despite the pains you are going through. You will come out of that pain a better person. Just as you are currently thinking that life is not fair because of the pains you are going through, there are those who will soon be thinking that life is not fair because of the inexplicable successes you will start recording.
Interestingly, people will not know all the things you are going through right now and they will not be able to tell why you deserve the great benefits you will be getting. Everything, at the end of the day will boil down to the fact that you have worked hard. You have suffered and you deserve a break from the sufferings. You deserve a real reward for all the disappointments you have experienced.
By now you should know that there are no success stories without stories of pains and agony. You can’t tell a success story without talking about periods of disappointments. The story may not be pleasant right now but when you get into the success chapter, it will be easier to tell or sweeter to share and touching to hear.
I have been in this situation and still going through some of my own so I know how it feels but despite the pain, the gain will make it worth your while.

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