Despite your troubles, you’re a champion! | Fola Daniel Adelesi

Troubles don’t change the fact that you are a champion and being a champion does not mean you will not have troubles.

You may not look like what you want to be right now but that does not mean you cannot become what you want to be. When you look at a small girl that is less than 5 years old, you may not see much. Despite not seeing much, everything that will be in that 5 year old girl in 20 years’ time is already in her. As time goes on, she only grows and begins to show the features you expect to see in a 20 year old.

Following that illustration, you should know that you are already a champion but it may take a while for the manifestation to be obvious. It will also take a while because there are processes you have to go through. If you don’t go through those processes you will not become a champion. The other thing you need to know is that the processes you have to go through to become a champion may include some of the troubles you are going through right now. Sometimes, it is troubles that push you to become the champion you have always seen in yourself.

There are too many of us who seem to forget that champions always have some troubles before they become champions or even after becoming champions. We seem to think that one will not have troubles if the person is referred to as a champion. We also forget that it is those troubles that make the person a champion.

You may be in some troubles right now and those troubles may seem really big. I can assure you those troubles will propel you. Those troubles will not overwhelm you and they will not kill you. God is interested in your case and he will not just watch you while you struggle through the troubles.

Things may be hard and unpleasant right now. In the end, they are always sweet. The situations we don’t want to go through at the moment are usually the situations that give us platforms to talk in the future. If we don’t have those situations today, there will be no stories to share tomorrow.

Don’t worry about the troubles. Overtime, you will scale through to the next level and this present trouble will be over. When this present trouble is over, you will get to the next level and the truth is, another trouble in the new level is waiting for you! That may not sound encouraging but that’s how you stay challenged and keep going in life until you overcome everything that needs to be overcome.

Trust me. Despite your troubles, you are still a champion so long as you don’t let the troubles weigh you down. So long as you don’t let the troubles define you, then you are not a loser but a champion.

Keep winning and keep shining, regardless of the situation right now.

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