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Do you even realize that destinies depend on you? Are you aware that there are those who may not be able to go far in life, depending on what you do or choose not to do? Have you seen how your life affects the productivity of others or how it limits their performance in life? If before now you have been living your life as it pleases you then I am glad to announce to you that you have been killing people and you have not allowed them fulfil their destinies!
You should not be surprised and you need to quickly come to terms with the fact that there are those who will need you in order to succeed. The very things you do are the things that will show them what they are supposed to do in life. They may not know what to do with themselves until they see what you are doing with yourself. They may not know where to go until they see the direction you are headed.
It’s time to stop living like a mediocre and thinking that your life is all about you. There’s more to life than just what you need. You are an influence in the lives of other people. And because you are an influence for them, you have to live up to that responsibility of being a positive influence. Guess what? You can no longer choose that you do not want to be an influence for them. Whether you like it or not, you are an influence over some people.
The only thing you can change right now is whether you want to a negative influence or you want to be a positive influence for those other people. There’s someone out there watching what you do when you wake up. They are after you and watching what you do when you go out and when you come back. The things that you do with your own life will determine what they will end up doing with their own lives. You must never think that you will just do what you please.
Until you begin to fulfil your own destinies, there are some destinies that will still be locked up and can’t be open. It is not because you are the only one who can unlock their destinies. It just might be because you are the closest person to them. You are the closest positive influence to them and you must do all that is necessary in order to help those people discover destiny and also fulfil their destinies.
Now the question is what have you been doing with yourself? Do you think that you have been a great influence on anyone at all? Is there any chance that anyone can make something good out of their own lives just going by how you live yours? Stop thinking that you have your own life to live and that these people should not look at you to live their own lives. They need direction. There are many people out there who need direction and they are always looking out for it from the closest person to them.
On daily basis, you will have the opportunity to influence people and be a destiny changer for them. You will always get the chance to help them become who they always wanted to be but didn’t know how to go about it. Seize this opportunity.
Even if you do not see anyone coming to you or admitting that they are watching you, please note that there will always be those looking up to you secretly and they will do whatever you do. They will go in your direction. They will live like you so it is important to live responsibly and live with a dream. Live with a focus. Live with a passion that can always provide direction for others.
At some point in time, we are going to be like a specimen in the laboratory for others. They will watch how we behaved to unlock our destinies and hope that the same thing can work for them too. In anything that you do, please remember that destinies depend on you and what you do determines what happens to that destiny.

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