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Over the years, people have received various prophecies and they run through the year without anything from the prophecy becoming a reality. When a New Year arrives, they will receive assurances again that the New Year will become a better year than the previous one.

For this reason, some people who lack depth in processing things and also myopic in their wildest imagination blame the church, pastors and anything that’s related to God for giving an assurance of a better year that probably didn’t reflect in the lives of the people.

When God speaks about something that will happen, there are two obligations that will usually follow. The first obligation is for God because he is the one who spoke about it and he alone has the capacity to bring the spoken word to pass. The second obligation is for the man receiving the word. God is not a man that he should lie, neither the son of man that he should repent. When God speaks, he has the capacity to make it happen but the

man he is speaking to also has an obligation. The obligation of that man is to take action in response to the spoken word of God. Many times, the prophecies we receive by shouting Amen don’t come to pass because we did not take action in response to the word.

This year, one of the major actions you will have to take is to develop your capacity. When you develop your capacity, it will be easy for people to request your services. You will become more relevant as a result of the capacity that you have developed. When you take the action of developing your capacity, you will end up with a gift that will make room for you.

God makes promises to many of us and we simply go to rest after the promise. If God makes you a promise that you will be king, you have to develop the capacity to be king. If God says you will be great, you don’t wait to be great and start developing the capacity for greatness. You develop that capacity and then get ready for greatness as promised by God. Check yourself this year and develop the needed capacity rather than just waiting for God’s word to come to pass!

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