Devil’s offer versus God’s offer | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

We are often faced with different options in so many situations. Some people feel confused and others just seem to know what to do. Although their confidence of knowledge regarding what to do does not mean they have made the right choice in that situation. More importantly, we always have the offer from God and the offer from the devil in nearly all situations.
As human beings we know that it was God who brought us to this earth and he deserves our total worship and loyalty. We have to reverence him in all things but it is not so. I think that this has become a challenge for many because of the trials they are facing. While they may be great trials, God has already made provisions for those trials to pass over even before they started and he also made provisions for you to be preserved.
What is God’s offer for human being? He says you will walk through fire and you will not be burned. Then the devil comes in and says ‘no! You do not have to go through any fire and you will still get what you want.’ The devil’s offer will look great and many are not conscious of the fact that it is deceitful. On the long run, you will end up in that fire that he says you do not have to walk through and also be consumed by that fire. But remember what God said. He said you will walk through it and will not be burned and God meant that when he said it. But the devil will tell you there is no fire and you will still end up there.
Another offer from God was made through Jesus when he asked that all who labour and are heavy laden should come to him and he will give them rest. he promises us relief from our labour but the devil deceives people to make them think that their best will only come out of their labour. So you will find so many people who constantly labour without rest or without direction and are heading for destruction without knowing.
Have you read in your bible that it is the blessings of the Lord that makes rich and adds no sorrow? Well if you have not you now know that only the blessings of the Lord makes us rich without sorrows. He promises to bless us. He offers that there will be no sorrow with the blessing he will give us but makes us see that we have to wait for that blessing. When the devil shows up, he asks you why you need to wait for any blessing when you can get it right away. The devil tells you that you have been waiting for too long and you need a desperate solution. That is when the devil tells you through his agents that desperate situations require desperate measures. Even though it is not in the Bible, he (the devil) will also tell you that heaven helps those who help themselves. He has deceived so many people with this so much so that some people even think that this statement is from the Bible. Others have also gone ahead to help themselves and their improvised help has gotten them nothing but trouble.
We can go on and on in the scriptures to see the very many offers that God made to man and how the devil either turned it around, or made it look like it was an inferior plan for man and offer his own deceit to many men.
The greatest offer that God finally made to men was the offering of Jesus as the sacrificial lamb for all human beings. We know that this is a real offer. Jesus was offered to be the sacrifice for our sins so that we can walk free. When we take the offer of God in the person of Jesus then we will not have troubles as God promised and we also know that our end is secure. However, the devil is going around deceiving some people and making them believe there is no God. The devils tells some people that there is no Jesus or makes them focus on mere religious intelligence rather than having a real spiritual relationship with God and his son.
The real truth is that the devil does not have a plan. He simply perverts the original and offers it as the real plan. So you need to know that this is not just about having a plan or making a choice in the situation that you are in. we need to ask ourselves if we are taking the plan God offers or we are taking the plan the devil offers. Are we waiting or being led by God or running and trying to help ourselves based on the plans of the devil?
I ‘beseech’ you today to constantly take the offers from God and start that by taking the offer of his son as a sacrifice for your sin. Take it seriously and begin a relationship with him today.

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