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I’d like to think that fear is a propellant as much as the desire to succeed is. The only issue is that fear, for most people, determines which direction it pushes the people rather than the people determining the direction they want to go. When people become afraid, they can choose to do nothing or they can stand up to do their best even though they are being propelled by fear.
Take a look at someone you may want to refer to as the underdog who has been bullied over the years. Every day of his or her life someone has showed up with a threat to his or her life. There has been so much of beating or violation but after a while he or she becomes very angry. While he or she is angry, there is still that deep rooted fear of being bullied or not wanting to be bullied.
In that situation, you may find someone that will step and start learning how to fight or the best tactics that can be used to hit a bully in a very devastating manner. By the time this person is done training, you will not even know that he is now ready for a fight. So when the bully shows up again, what the bully is expecting to see is someone who is simply afraid. The bully will not know that the fear has propelled the underdog to go and equip and get ready for a fight. When he then tries to bully again, he or she gets the greatest shock of life. There’s a fight back.
Many of us are like those people who have the potentials to be the underdogs. Failure has been bullying you over and over again. You have been intimidated for too long by the failed activities or events in your life. There are two things you can choose to do. You may want to stay down and remain bullied for the rest of your life by things that you can overcome, or you can let the fear of failure propel you in the right direction.
When the propelling fear leads you in the right direction then you find yourself preparing hard for the next possibly attack from the bully. In most cases, bullies are never prepared for the time when the underdog will fight back. They just show up as they always do and expecting to bully the way they have always done without any challenge from their predators. So when you suddenly turn back and fight, it will be a big shock.
Many of you have been running for too long. And because you are running the bullies of life are still chasing you. It’s time for you to stop running and turn back to face the bully. You can stand up to that bully – physical bully or verbal and mental bully, the failure bullying you – and all the other things that impose fear in you.
Take a stand today. Tell your fear that you are no longer going to be intimidated. You are done being bullied for whatever reason. Rather than run back into a shell you will fight back and let your fear propel you in the right direction.   
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