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While I am so burdened about the several people who sincerely do not know what to do with their lives and they just wake up on daily basis roaming the streets, I also see another set of people that could be more dangerous than the first set of people who know nothing about their purpose. There are those who already have an understanding of their purpose in life and they had started out on that path until distraction set and at some point they no longer focused on their purpose but on several other things!
I did say in one of my books that distraction is a meaningless word to a purposeless person. You must have a purpose or a focus in life or at least a couple of goals before you can begin to talk about distraction and until the goals or visions or purposes are clear to you there will be no clear picture of what distraction is all about!
Some have gone away from their original intention as a result of money and they started out by saying that they want to make money for a while and after some time they will pump the money back into their purpose but some of them never come back! There are some people who still manage to come back but the consciousness of other things don’t just allow them focus absolutely on their purpose as they used to when they started out with all the passion and the vigour!
I remember that a few years back I saw some people on campus who were organizing different seminars and they really did those seminars in a big way but I kept wondering why I had issues with doing such big meetings! I tried as much as I could but I didn’t get to really do anything that was physically as big as theirs and in that point while I was thinking about it, I heard an inner voice saying to me that I am preparing yours for somewhere and what you are doing will last longer. At that point I began to think differently and I understood it’s also not in how well you are starting but in how well you continue and how strong you finish.
Some of you have completely taken the focus of your dreams and you are working with something else. When you started you had a clear picture of what you wanted to do and you were working in that direction until someone introduced you to some multilevel marketing or some other businesses and you allowed that to completely take over your vision. I am sure they told you that your vision would be a good platform for you to sell the products and services they are handing you but at the end of the day you will realize that your message was beginning to change into the message they were handing you and not what you originally set out to tell the whole world. While I am not saying that multilevel marketing is bad, I also think I should say that I have seen it distracting a lot of people who are running with a purpose and have changed the focus from theirs to that of the owners of the multilevel marketing. That’s not the focus of this article but I just mentioned that to give an example of people who start out with very clear goals, strong passion and end up with something else in their hands!
It is one thing to start out with your own purpose and it is another thing for people to force something down your throat while telling you that what they are giving you is also nice! If you have a true vision and purpose for your life there is nothing like an alternative and you should never allow people force any other thing down your throat!
Stick to what you started with and continue to improve with that! Stick to what you started with and continue to expand with that! Be flexible where you need to but never lose sight of the original vision or purpose! Don’t let a woman take your purpose from you! Don’t let a man take your purpose from you! Don’t let he trends of the world help you modify your vision. The only thing you are permitted to modify is the tool that helps you achieve the vision or the strategies but you are not in any way permitted to modify the vision because that will mean distraction! You cannot travel with the purpose you got while distracted and still expect to arrive where you wanted to before you got distracted!
What are those things distracting you today?
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