Do it with an attitude| © Fola Daniel Adelesi

I remember that one of the most popular quotations in my secondary school when I was a student was ‘whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well and must be done with undivided attention.’ Beyond doing it with undivided attention, I think you should also do it with an attitude. Sometimes the success of the things you are doing are not dependent of the skills that you have or the knowledge you possess but the attitude that you add to what you are doing.
You should not go about your daily work as though you were forced to do the things that you are doing or as though you are doing it at gun point with a gun on your head! You have to show some excitement in the things that you do. I remember the story of a traffic officer in Lagos Nigeria who was simply told to control traffic in a popular area in Lagos. He saw beyond just controlling traffic and did not look down on himself while he was doing that work so he decided to do it with an attitude and what he did was to dance while controlling traffic. He did his job so well but would be dancing while controlling the traffic and most of the people he was controlling were people who have had a very hectic day from the office. The funny thing was that people looked forward to seeing this traffic officer every day and before long, passers-by and motorists began to give him money. When some people started giving him money it simply turned out that more and more people willingly gave him money from their pockets without being told to do so.
When you go about your work in a cheerful way you attract some positive powers to help you get things done and that’s why you must do your best to always be at your best! Okay, I didn’t intend to achieve a rhyme with that but it’s important for you to always be in your best attitude and make sure you give a bit of your best attitude to people when you have the opportunity to serve them. When you find yourself serving in a restaurant you should do it with an attitude. When you find yourself teaching in a classroom you should do it with an attitude. When you find yourself working in an office you should also do it with an attitude. Express some joy and don’t let the things around get to you so much so that they diminish the joy that you can express on daily basis.
You should know that good things are attracted by some kinds of attitude and if you truly want good things in your life then you should always show some kind of love for what you do and let it be obvious. You can also spread the joy to others and make sure everyone around you catches the positive fire in you. Go about your business with some attitude and give it to everyone around. In doing so, you will definitely attract some goodness.

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