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There are so many people out there with a vision but the sad part is that some people may never fulfill their vision. For most of them, it is not because they do not have the resources or the required skill to fulfill the vision but at some point they may be looking at the things they do not have rather than focusing on what they already have and starting with that. Ask yourself, why have you got done those big things you said you were going to do? Why have you not built the house you said you were going to build or why have you not started the business you said you were going to start? When you think deeply, and look at what you already have, you will realize that you could have started what you wanted to start but you kept waiting and saying it’s not time or that you don’t have all you need yet.
Always remember that no one starts building a house from the top. To build a house you have to start by digging the foundations of the house and when the foundation has been dug, you lay it and start building. Until you have laid the foundations for the house, no one can see a building on the surface. When you keep waiting for the right time to do the big things you want to do, it’s like hoping to build a house and expecting it to spring up when you have not laid the foundations.
Even when it looks like you do not have all that you need yet, there are still little things you can do to prepare for the bigger things you want to do. If you want to build a house in a bush, you have to clear the bush first in preparation for the building. After clearing you then proceed to digging. Doing the little things first is like clearing the bush on the paths where you intend to build your vision.
Some of the little things you may want to do first include:
1. Write the vision and be able to make reference to a written document any time you want to talk to someone about the vision.
2. Do your research about the things you want to do. Let your research result detail your cost, required resources apart from money and the time needed to get things done.
3. Do an extensive consultation with other people. Learn from those who have gone into what you about to go into.
4. Think about collaboration and initiate talks in that line. When you collaborate or initiate talks in that line, you make things a lot easier for yourself. You will be able to leverage on the platforms of other people.
5. If you want to do a business then you need to make moves to register the business and also have other necessary business documents ready. You should not wait till people start asking you before you do those ones.
Whatever it is that you really intend to do and you want to do it in a big way has a small way you can start. If you do not start with the little things first you will also end up having problems with the big things. No matter how big your dreams are you will always have the small things that must be done before the big vision can be achieved.
Start today. Write out the small things that you can do in preparation for the big things. And now, don’t just write them. Go ahead and start them!
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