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Some days back I posted an article talking about when God does not bless a man. Let’s take a look at that from another perspective today. Some people can choose what they want to do and expect God to bless it but you know it will be easier to do what God has already blessed rather than struggling to get Him to bless what you intend to do.
Think about it this way. If your father wants to do something in a far country or he has some business to take care of, he would need help. Imagine that he has searched all over the place and has not gotten any help so he has no choice but to fall back on you. He’s really hoping that you will not let him down and will gladly take the assignment so that his business will not fail.
While all these thoughts are going on in your father’s mind, you are also thinking about the grand ideas you will like to work on. You have spent time and money trying to prepare the idea. You have met with people in order to discuss how best to discuss the idea. Every step you take makes it seem more realistic to you. You just can’t imagine anything else you will do if you do not follow through with this idea of yours.
Now armed with a great business plan, you start thinking about how to fund the project. Well, you don’t have to think too much. You know your father has the resources and he loves brilliant ideas. So you decide to turn to him even if he will make the funding look like a loan that gives you a soft land. It’s soft landing because there will be no breath taking interest rate and there’s no pressure for deadlines.
After a short while the two of you come together face to face. It’s now a matter of His plan against yours. Being a father, he decides to listen to you first. You have the floor. You are confident he will support you so you reel out the plan. Just as soon as you finished and you expect a pat on the back followed by a cheque exchanging hands, your father sits back in his reclining chair.
There’s a moment of silence in the room. He rocks the chair a little and stops as though he was looking something. He clears his throat and then begins; ‘you know I was thinking of something just before you came that I was going to share with you. I should say you have a brilliant idea anyway.’ He then continues to tell you his plans and asks you to come and work for him.
Which one of the ideas do you think that he will support faster? Will he support your idea or the ideas you bring up based on what he asked you to do? I think it is clear! He will definitely support any idea based on his assignment for you!
I believe that has said all I need to say and the message is clear. What you intend to do might be nice but it will be easier to do what God has already blessed. Remember, Jesus made it clear that he does what he hears from the father, not what he thinks is nice and great for him to do.

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  1. Nice write up Fola but how do I know what God has already blessed & wants me to carry out? Konwing this makes it easier for me.

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