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I guess it might be a little funny to meet you on the road and ask if you know who you are. You will be wondering what the question means even though you understand the words used. It is one thing to have knowledge of your identity as it relates to name and citizenship but it is another thing entirely to know your identity as it relates to your real value and how loaded you are.
The truth is that so many people don’t know who they are. They think they know but by the time they start talking you can tell that they don’t really know who they are. You can see that they have no real knowledge of how valuable they are and the very things that even some other people know about them.
Sometimes when someone is asking you if you know who you are, they are simply asking if you know how important you are to the people around and the society as a whole. Are you aware of how much importance is placed on you? Have you ever thought that sometimes when you are not yet in a place, things can actually come to a standstill?
For me, I don’t think I really knew my value until I understood the power of my purpose and the weight of the words deposited in me either to speak or to write. I came to the knowledge of who I am when I started seeing the value of what is inside me and its relevance to the people around me.
So when I ask you who you are, I am not really expecting you to tell me your name and where you were born. I expect you to tell me your understanding of the value that you carry inside you and how that value can impact the world around you.
Why is that important? It is important because when you leave this world, I will not remember your name just because it is unique or it famous. There were so many famous people whose names we either don’t know any more or we simply don’t remember. When you now take a look at those we remember you will see that we remember them for something really unique. We remember people because of the great impact they have made and not just because they came from a certain area.
Do you know how important you are to the people around you? Do you understand how valuable your life is to them? Is it clear to you that there are those whose destinies depend absolutely on what you do or don’t do? These are the questions I expect you will be able to answer when asking if you really know who you are. This kind of question does not come just because the person asking wants to know your name or where you came from.
It is a question about your life and your purpose put together. Once you can answer it then you have answered the question of your relevance in life and you will do things differently.
Until you are able to answer the question of who you are you may not be able to function effectively so you have to use this understanding you are now equipped with to answer that. Once you even know, people will be able to tell from your attitude and your disposition. They will see that you know who you really are and that you are living with that knowledge.
Again I ask you, ‘do you know who you really are?

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