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There are two of my reverred teachers – Dr. Mike Murdock and Dr. David Oyedepo – who have repeatedly said ‘whatever you make happen for others God will make happen for you.’ But the question now is if you have ever made things happen for any other person around you! Do you even know what it means to make something happen for others? It simply means to be a tool that either fast forwards or establishes the dreams of others.
I have seen several other people claim to be successful but in the real sense of it they have never been successful! Why can I say that? It is because they have not made things happen for other people apart from training their children and feeding their family. Your family is your obligation and it is mandatory for you to take care of family.
When I asked you about making things happen for other people I am not talking about your family. I know of a singer who, when she was alive, would send the children of other people to school and pay the bills. I also know about a man currently in my area who feeds several people every night. There are people living with him who can now be mistaken for his children but he is not in any way related to these people.
If you claim you have money or are now successful then I should ask you how many other people you have helped! There are people who simply need your recommendation to get a job and their lives will change forever but you have not given just a recommendation that will not take a dime out of your pocket! What you spend when you go for shopping is far more than the capital that someone else needs to start a business and get a new life.
At every opportunity that I get to put in a word for someone, I always do it because I know the difference it can make for that person. I have also written on my blog before that our little acts of kindness count. I personally look forward to a time not too far from now, hoping people like you will also join me, when I can help several people establish their businesses.
I have seen so many businesses that do not need more than USD200 to start up and after a few years they will be doing fine. Sometimes I just can’t stop thinking about establishing a company that will work like angel investors and also coach these young business owners after providing funds for them.
As you smile to the bank on daily basis you need to remember that there are some people crying for the same thing that makes you smile. Give someone the family they don’t have. For some people, your wristwatch is enough to educate a child for a school session. Why don’t you educate a child? You know of someone who is an internet or IT guru, why don’t you buy a laptop for that person. It does not cost you much because the shoes on your feet can probably buy two laptops or your suit can buy three laptops!
Ultimately this is about realizing that life has given you a platform and you need to help create the platforms of other people. As you create the platforms of other people then you make more platforms for yourself. As you open these kinds of doors for people, some other people ahead of you also open doors for you. You own the entire right to what you have but like the farmer, it will be foolish to eat up everything and not reserve some as seeds to be planted for a greater harvest!

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