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We all can attain greatness in life but there are a number of things that will determine if we will truly attain our desired greatness or foreseen greatness apart from the skills we have acquired to make us relevant in life. From time to time some people pass opportunities that will make them great and the reason they are passing such opportunities to other people is not because they don’t know they need such opportunities but they begin to talk about all the limitations that will not allow them take full advantage of such opportunities! When a man talks more about what he cannot do than what he can do then that’s a big sign to show you that he truly does not believe in himself!
How do you expect to succeed if you do not show more confidence in yourself? Who do you think will trust you regarding what you can do when you don’t even trust yourself concerning the things that you can do? You have such a huge responsibility of making yourself believe that you can do certain things and that is the first phase so you have to take it a step further by telling others you can do it! There are so many people who are so gifted and can get certain things done easily but they will never do that because they listen to those who tell them that they cannot and they also look at the personality of other people who have already been in such fields! Some people even say to themselves, ‘how do I want to succeed when we already have people like (they mentioned names that are already known).’ If you truly believe in yourself you should be encouraged by the success of others and not intimidated for any reason. You have to come to terms with the fact that people will not give you a chance in life until you give yourself a chance! It’s your life and you have to take it!
I have seen a number of people come to the conclusion that there is no way they will ever make a head way just because they have been told that things have gone wrong in that field before! Things may have gone wrong with other people’s children and that’s no reason for you to begin to look forward to when something will go wrong with your kids! Something may have gone wrong with the marriages of others but it does not have to be you and you should not automatically expect the failures of others to repeat itself in your own life! There are too many of us who expect failures of the people we know in our own lives and we even prepare for failures unconsciously but we never look at the people who have succeeded and prepare for the kind of success they have experienced.
It’s even one thing to see bad things happen in the lives of others, it’s another thing to begin to run down your own life based on the bad experiences of others! Some people run themselves down so bad that you even begin to pity them for running themselves down!
Hey dear, come alive! Life has a lot of competitions and you don’t have to be intimidated by them! Life will give you enough chances to succeed just as you will have enough chances to fail! The choice is yours! Stop running yourself down and stop concluding you will never amount to anything! Bring yourself out of the pit that you got into and show some confidence! Until you prove to others that you believe in yourself and you know what you are doing, nobody will give you a chance to succeed. I have heard so many times that people make way for those who know where they are going! I think your life will be a lot better if you show more confidence in yourself so start believing in yourself and build your self-confidence.
Go and succeed because you can!
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