Does a dream live inside you? | © Fola Daniel Adelesi

I have heard some people say your mind cannot be on motion and your life will be on stand still. They say it is impossible. One of the ways for your mind to be on motion is to have a dream live inside you. I know for sure that when a dream is living inside you, it is totally impossible for your life to be exactly the same way after a few years.
There has to be a dream and it has to be inside you. It shouldn’t just be a dream. It has to be a living dream. So do you carry a living dream? Carrying a dream inside you can be like carrying a baby. If you’re carrying a baby and you don’t take precautions, the baby can come out badly formed. In some other cases, there can be a miscarriage or there can be a still birth. Just as some babies are even born before their time, some other dreams are also born before their time.
It is therefore important to ensure that when you carry a living dream inside you, all precautions have to be taken to gently nurture the dream to term before delivering it. When the dream is eventually delivered, all the care in the world also has to be given to the dream to grow it until nothing threatens the dream anymore.
Many want a transformed life and they think that transformation is going to come from others around them. They think the transformation will be solely as a result of what some people do or refuse to do to them. While the activities of some people can cause a form of transformation for you, the greatest transformation can be caused by a living dream.
When a dream lives inside you, you can’t go about looking nonchalant. When a dream lives inside you, there will be so much going on in your mind. Your mind will be on the kind of motion that makes it impossible for your life to remain the same.
I have met people who don’t seem to be looking forward to anything in life anymore. Some of them have just been on the same spot for years. The same thing they did before is what they are still doing and there’s no sign of any significant progress. This is either because a dream does not live inside them or the dream was choked to death.
How do you live your life? What do you think about most times? What are you looking forward to? Are there things you will be doing right now if you get the resources and the connections needed to make something happen?
When there is no dream living inside you, you can’t even say that you’re still alive. When I pass through some places at different times, I simply see some people who are waiting to die. It’s not that they are sick. There’s nothing physically wrong with them but under the guise of retirement, there are too many people who wake up daily and do nothing despite the strength to still move around and get things done. There are people who are actually starting their lives after retirement. There are those starting new businesses and there are those breaking new limits.
Whether you’re young or old, you must wake up daily to something that gets you excited. Either you’re male or female, there has to be that feeling of a baby kicking inside of you. You must feel that something is growing within you and you should also get to that point when you feel like it’s time to be delivered of the baby.
If there is no dream living inside you, time passes by. If there is no dream living inside you, life passes by and there’s very little you can do about that. You sometimes have to watch people grow or birth the living dreams they carried. That’s when you see people succeeding and you say, ‘I know him. He’s from my town. He must have been lucky. I guess he hit a jackpot’
To other people who don’t know the dreams living inside us and how hard we work to make them happen, they think success is luck. They also think life is unfair. Then some of them think we have an obligation regarding their success.
Now that you still have the time and energy, let me ask you this salient question again. Does a dream live inside you?

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