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One of the questions I get so often is about making money from one thing or the other. Incidentally, those things are things I have done for free repeatedly over the years. What do these people expect to hear from me? To just tell them to do this and that and the money will come? Nooo! Sometimes it does not work that way.
So many people dont want to do anything for free and they dont seem to realize that it is the free things you do that sometimes open the door for the great stuff. They want to start earning big and they focus only on the money and not the possible impact they can make or partnership with other people.
When you work that way you will lose valuable relationships. There are those who may not be able to pay you for things right now but will be able to pay you much more than you can imagine years later. For some of them, it may not be years later. It may be months or even immediately. They may just have tested you to see how you do things.
I remember doing a free event for someone and that person has given me several other recommendations. Through that one person, I have gotten high profile events to anchor and my colleagues are wondering how on earth I got that job! Thats the kind of job so many people want to do even for free. But the important thing was that I did the free ones first and I had no idea these people were so connected until after doing free events for them.
When you focus too much on the money, you will end up losing more than the money you are focusing on. I have done things for people that I really did not even expect to be paid for and at the end of the day I still got paid.
Many people hear my name in different places and they think I have the money so I have used it to get all the publicity that I have at the moment. You will be shocked to note that most of the publicity, if not all, that I get are absolutely free. I dont remember spending a dime on those high level media publicity or interviews but I can look back today and link them with the free things that I have done for other people coming back to me.
You may not believe this but sometimes being proactive is to see the right place where you can do free things or spot the right person you can do free things for. Sometimes, I cant even tell what will come out of them but I do them and count them as part of my experiences.
It is not everything that will physically pay you or pay you instantly. However I can say that if you are smart and hardworking, even the free things you do will pay off at the end of the day. You are not a fool for doing free things. It is not stupid to do free things. Consider it an investment that you have kept somewhere which will come back to you at a later and unexpected date.
So if you have been hesitating to invest your time, energy and resources you better get started. Someone may also want to ask at what level do I stop doing free things? Im tempted to say thats up to you but the truth really is that you will never stop doing free things. The reason is that some of the free things you will do are the ones that will bring up the paid things you want to do. All I can say is that you have to be smart about it.
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