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Dont ever be afraid to do free things. When people ask you for free services you might want to consider them because they may be your biggest breaks in disguise. When people think its free then they think that it is not an opportunity and it holds nothing for them.
You just might be getting ready to make the biggest mistake of your life to not render a service or take an offer because they say they will not pay you directly. People dont like to hear this but it is one of the best ways to become one of the highest paid people in the service that you render.
What you need to do is to analyse the offer. Think about the platforms being given to you. How many people can that platform reach on your behalf? In some cases it may not even be about the numbers because one person might be all that you need so get started or to break even in life.
If someone is offering you a platform and is also asking you to render a free service, think about how to convert that platform to business. What that person has already done for you is to give you the opportunity to promote yourself. If you think in that direction then you will promote yourself properly.
One of the great things you can do is to go to the place where the free service is to be offered with materials about your business or services. Make sure the materials are detailed. When you start offering your services, you may offer just some basics to them. I suggest you discuss this in advance with the person inviting you so that people dont feel bad when you hold back some things or information.
If you offer basic services to them in a great way and them refer them to the information materials for your business you should expect them to place orders or request your services.
When you are about to be introduced, if need be, you can ask for something in return. The person who needs to introduce you has to introduce you as a very nice person whose services are invaluable but because you are a very selfless person, you have forgone benefits just to offer them this for free.
Let people see the value of what you are offering for free. When you are done offering the service or product for free then you tell them about the bigger package that you can give to them at a discount provided they will place orders or request services. You can even give your offers a time frame.
If I am speaking for free in some places and I know it costs me something to do what I am doing, I promote my other services as I speak. Although I do it in a very nice way that only extra sensitive people will note that what I am doing is promotion. Others will only take it as an information and will say say, oh, I never knew he does that too!
Dont see every free platform as just free and that they cant fetch you anything. When I get requests from people to speak on television or on radio over a period of time, I usually do it for a number of reasons. One of them is the sustained publicity that I get. The other is that I get a chance to tell people what I know. From there people start calling me and talking about what they want me to do for their businesses.
As I speak on those free platforms I talk about my websites and my books or other things that I do so I am promoting other things and it has worked for me. Those people dont stop me from promoting what I do because I am already rendering a free service to them.
Have you been asked to do something for free? Go there. Do the ones you can for free and tell them about how many other things you have in stuck. Make sure you also show up being fully branded so that you are selling your business or service as you render the free service.
While it is good to do certain things for free, you must find ways to use those free services to get business clients who will eventually pay. Thats what I call Smart Free Service. The people see the free service but you see the opportunity to convert a new client. 
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