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It is really interesting how people get into organizations and sometimes their sole aim is to patiently work their way up the ladder in the organization so that they can get into some positions and become very powerful. Some people in these situations also get into positions and use their present positions to acquire more power for themselves. They simply ensure that the powers that their present positions do not give to them become their by changing the existing framework of the organization or changing the organizational structure and blueprints. Once this is done, they then become more powerful and can do all they have secretly desired to do but could not do since the power was not their!
You might be terribly disappointed somewhere along the line if all you ever aim for in an organization is power because you will get to a level and you will realize that there is a greater form of power than just the positional powers you have. All the powers you have are limited to what the books of the organization say and outside that you do not have any power again. It may not even be in the case of a corporate organization now but it can be a religious or any other non-profit organization. You must not only seek positional powers where you are because you will soon feel disappointed at how limited the powers are.
If you really want to be in control and you want to get things done you should know it easier to get things done by relating with people and making them your friends. After relating with people you can take things a step further by ensuring they are loyal to you in the interests that you pursue or that they share common interests. When people share common interests with you and you also ‘service their interests’ then you are already building a strong network and that will honestly be more useful to you compared to trying to get positional powers and to intimidate people who are not in positions.
Some of the strongest people in the world never had any position! They only had people around them! They had people they talk to, move with and dine with. They have people who share their interests and people who have bought into their visions and they have continued to rule the world just by having people who believe in them and can die for anything that pertains to them. Do you remember the likes of Ghandi and Martin Luther King or Obafemi Awolowo? They were all people who built strong relationships and constantly communicated their vision to others. As they communicated their visions they gave those people more reasons to believe in them but they were not just people who talked without acting. They talked and they acted!
This is not to say that positional powers are not good! You will always need positional powers at some point to effect some changes in any system. It is good in corporate organizations that positional powers are defined for the organizations to know who does what and who is to be held responsible if something is not done. It is also nice for us to have positional powers in the case of governance so that we can run a transparent and responsive system. When something comes up we need to know who ought to respond to that thing but you will realize that all the good things I have said about positional powers are for the good of either an organization or a society. I think that as an individual it should not be your primary goal because you can get into positions and then become power drunk.
When you become power drunk, you may trample on the heads that you will need after the position would have been taken from you. If you get into power you must always remember that you will not always be there! One day you will leave and others will take over. When others take over then they can also do as they please to you. When you are in position, water the ground so that you don’t leave dust behind you! Make it easy for yourself so that if you have to go back to that organization it will not be hard for you to go back. Love people more than the position and let the people be able to relate with you with or without the position. You should also remember that you will need people after the position for things that the position will no longer be able to do for you.
Power will appear good and you will always be tempted to use and show it when you have it but remember the people you will need when the power is gone! If you constantly think about this then you will never aim for power alone! Fola Daniel Adelesi
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