Don’t ask God to fix what you should fix! │© Fola Daniel Adelesi

I am honestly tired of hearing people who keep saying God will help us when we are not helping ourselves. There are too many man-made problems around us and even with the man made problems we are still expecting God to come and help us. You will find people who are simply lazy but they want miracles meals to show up on their table and they will say ‘God will help us.’ You will also find people who are causing problems for themselves yet they are saying God will help them. We need to step out of the religious myth that God will help us with everything. God does help people but there too many things he will not help with. Whatever you are supposed to fix by yourself will remain unfixed if you don’t do anything. As a matter of fact, it will not only remain unfixed, it will become worse when you do nothing.
You sometimes walk around the country and you see all sorts of challenges that were not there before. Those challenges started coming up because human beings started creating them and nobody is standing up to the situation to challenge those who are creating problems for others in the society. You live in the society where you can identify those causing the problems but you are saying God will help you. God will not help in such cases. What you have to do is to take issue up with those creating the problems for you in your society. If you have to get some law enforcement agents to stop them then do that and don’t always say that God will help you when common sense requires that you make a phone call to the right authorities to resolve the issue at hand.
In so many places, there are leadership crisis and the only thing we must do is to either change the people in the position of authority or to train them. If they can be trained then let them be trained and let them make use of what they have learnt in training to transform the places where they are leading. If the training will not work for them then change the people in leadership rather than acting helpless. Too many of us always act helpless in the very circumstances where our actions are needed. Even though we do not admit it, the proof of the fact that we feel helpless is when we resort to saying, ‘God will help us.’ You get into so many conversations where you discuss issues that you not even be heard off and the way the conversation ends is ‘God will help us.’
My question at the moment is, ‘how many of those things we said God will help us with has He actually helped with?’ I am not saying that God does not help but often times when we say he will help, we are simply transferring our responsibilities to Him. He will never take our responsibilities and His responsibilities are also clear to Him. We cannot consistently transfer ours to Him and expect things to change. When there is a system failure within an organization, instead of doing the right thing we end up saying God will help us. Some people will continue to steal the money of an organization and at some point the organization may not be able to pay salaries but people will still say ‘God will help us.’ We keep tolerating the things that we should never tolerate and all we ever say is that God will help us.
We must stop deceiving ourselves. We need to wake up and step up our game. We must take actions rather than just simply expecting that God will come and do the things we are supposed to do. If someone is lying and that has become a major issue affecting every other person, confront him or her and tell the person you don’t want lies rather than saying God will help you. If someone has been stealing from your organization, expose the person and make the person pay back so that all of you will not suffer unjustly. If you have paid for a service and you are not getting that service as promised, don’t just keep looking. Take it up. You were given some promises and it was on the basis of those promises that you decided you want the service. If you are not getting the promised service then you must take it up.
From today we all must take some actions and stop handing over to God what we have been told to do or the things we know that we must do. There are so many things within our society that we must change because we are the only ones that will change them. It is not the business of God and He will never get involved! Play your part and fix what you can fix!
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